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Advertising industry relaunches Standards Authority. About self regulation and a cure for Prejudice

On Monday I attended the re-launch of the Advertising Standards Authority. It was great for me to attend for four chief reasons: (1) A lady called Odette van der Haar  (2) I learnt a lot about self regulation within an industry (3) Attending cured me of a prejudice I had (4) The food of course. […]

Zimbabwe ads industry reintroduces Advertising Standards Authority

This week we received information that the local advertising industry is finally reintroducing a self-regulating association. Called the Advertising Standards Authority of Zimbabwe (ASAZIM), it was active until the late 90s when it became somewhat dormant. The concept of ASA is quite standard globally. Its role is to ensure, among other things, ethics in advertising. Stuff that […]

Ten tips for social media strategy in Zimbabwe and Africa

Social media strategy is not a myth in brand building and the creation of an online presence, its a reality. While this hasn’t quite sunk in for everyone who needs to use social media, it’s always encouraging to come across entities that place a lot of value on it. Local advertising agency TBWA Zimbabwe is […]