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Cassava needs to break up Sasai into separate apps & here’s why

Its cheap to use but it is very confusing and cluttered…

What effect could Facebook, WhatsApp & Sasai have on Zim elections?

social media is more powerful than ever.

Sasai Watch and Moments are free this festive period

Cassava Fintech International has announced that Sasai Watch and Moments will be free over the festive period.

Sasai to take on YouTube & others in Africa with Sasai Watch

Cassava will be taken on YouTube and other content platforms in Africa with a new product called Sasai Watch.

Sasai’s African & Talented promotion extended due to public demand

Cassava has extended Sasai’s African & Talented promotion to the 29th of November 2020 due to demand.

A list of Sasai features that were promised at launch but never came to be

On August 1 2019, Cassava Smartech drew the curtains on their newest shiny object – Sasai. They pitched a social payments app that would combine the best of messaging and payments rolled into one. That vision is yet to materialise, and a big reason for that is because many features that were promised at the […]

Sasai adds Africa CDC Travel Pass COVID-19 feature

With regional and international travel now open, travellers need to abide by the COVID-19 protocols of various destinations. Depending on the destination there are a number of other health requirements (such as vaccinations) that each country seeks to grant entry on top of a COVID-19 test. In an effort to make the process of crossing […]

MTNs “Sasai” partners MusicTime to offer free music streaming in the messenger

MTNs messaging application, Ayoba (think Sasai) recently announced a partnership with MusicTime that will allow Ayoba users to listen to music at no cost from within the messenger. MusicTime in Ayoba (MTiA) as the feature will be called is live for Ayoba users in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Guinee, Guinee […]

You can now play & upload podcasts on Sasai

A month ago, we wrote about Sasai Content Platform – Sasai’s attempt at becoming the hub for African content creators. Part of their big plan involved podcasting and the podcasts section which wasn’t available at the time is now live. I don’t remember seeing an announcement regarding this issue so maybe the feature isn’t being […]

Sasai turns to content creators and influencers to draw users

Sasai has struggled to keep users once they’ve downloaded the app. Numerous features have been added and they have worked on the app for over a year now without any mainstream success. Getting influencers on board The newest acquisition method Sasai is using is getting local content creators and influencers to start using the application. […]

Strive Masiyiwa announces imminent launch of Sasai Pay & Content Platform

Strive Masiyiwa took to his Facebook to announce that Sasai is launching a payment service in a week’s time. In his FB post, he talked about Sasai Pay in the context of consumers buying audio/video/music content online to solve the problems of piracy. In a post published yesterday, Econet Global’s Chairman announced that the platform […]

Sasai adds useful WiFi finder to list of features

So when I browsed through, Sasai yesterday whilst working on the article for their new Moments feature – I clearly wasn’t thorough enough. In the bottom right corner is another new feature – WiFi Finder. I only came to know about this after Sasai sent a press release in relation to the new feature. WiFi […]

Sasai rolling out new “Moments” feature

Sasai’s latest update brings with it a new feature dubbed “Moments”. Moments has it’s own tab within the application and the best way I can describe it is as a social hub where users can upload posts, pictures, videos and audio notes. In the press material shared with us by Cassava representatives, the vision within […]

Vodacom to launch their own version of Sasai in SA

A few days ago, Vodacom announced that they would be launching a super-app that will be developed in partnership with Alipay. Vodacom Financial Services will work closely with Alipay to leverage their global learnings and develop a super-app that will not only offer stellar digital customer experience but bring to life a market place of […]

Sasai says the medical info you share on Health Status Report is safe

Last week, we wrote an article on the launch of Sasai’s Health Status Report. Health Status Report (SHSR) will enable users to record their COVID-19 status and then share the results with other people and organisations if they wish. Sasai also made a point to note that the platform is built on the back of […]

Sasai Working On COVID-19 Testing App Says Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa shares many updates on his businesses and interests on Facebook. One such recent post revealed that Sasai is working on a COVID-19 testing application that will be released sometime this week. Masiyiwa was speaking about COVID-19 testing and the different types of Covid-19 tests (PCR and RDT tests) when he also mentioned the […]

Sasai Now Supports Voice/Video Calling With Upto 20 People

Sasai has announced a new promotion that will enable users to participate in video calls with up to 19 other users. The service has been branded Sasai TeamTalk and will be available between 8am and 5pm every Sunday until the end of the month. Press material shared by Cassava takes a swipe at WhatsApp for […]

Sasai Offering Free Chats & Calls During The Lockdown

Sasai recently announced a promotion that will allow users who have the chat application to send messages and call using the application at no cost during the lockdown. The promotion running from the 24th of April till the 8th of May finally allows people to use Sasai for free – something that many have suggested […]

Will The Cheaper Sasai Bundle Save The Messaging App?

Sasai recently got a discounted bundle introduced by Econet in what seems like an effort to boost usage of the flailing Instant Messaging application. The new Sasai bundles will be priced as follows: Daily Sasai bundles; $1.25 – 20MB $4 – 45MB 50% discount compared to the WhatsApp+Pinterest+Sasai bundle. Weekly Sasai Bundles $5 – 65MB […]

MTN Also Launched Their Version Of Sasai Last Year: Why Do These Apps Exist?

Telecoms companies seem to be unable to resist a trend. When they decide that they should start investing in media – a number of them do so (e.g Kwese and Cell C) without investing in the talent or knowledge to actually make viable products. Outside of VoD services, it seems network operators latest fixation is […]

[Interview] Darlington Mandivenga Speaks About Sasai: The App Has Been Downloaded In 155 Countries Since Launch

We met with Cassava Smartech CEO Darlington Mandivenga at the Sasai stand at AfricaCom 2019. The CEO walked us through some of the lessons they have learnt since the launch of the application along with some interesting milestones. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: […]

Sasai Now Giving Away Cows To People In Sasai Groups

If spamming doesn’t work, you know what might? Cows! That’s probably what was said prior to the launch of the newest promotion by Sasai which will see 5 cows being given away to 5 groups each week. It’s a pretty interesting concept but one that might work! So how will the Group Admin Challenge work, […]

Safaricom Tried To Launch A Sasai Before Sasai And They Failed

Last year Safaricom attempted to launch a messaging application called Bonga. The premise of Bonga was that it would bank on M-PESA’s (Kenya most popular mobile money platform) reach and integrate messaging along with social features in one place. Sounds familiar? We’d actually like to move beyond M-Pesa by leveraging its power as a social […]

Deep Dive Into The Sasai Platform: Part 1 – Will It Work? It’s Simple!

Before I talk about this, I know that this is basically a really late analysis in most of your eyes. And in some ways, it is. Sasai is a platform that was released with fanfare late July although it was officially launched for use on the 1st of August, and it all went downhill from […]

POTRAZ – We Are Engaging Econet Over Sasai Spam Messages

Whilst Econet’s track record of spamming users when they have a new service is pretty excellent or lacklustre (depending on which side of the fence you’re on) they’ve clearly outdone themselves when it comes to Sasai. Users have been complaining of receiving as many as 6 messages in one minute notifying them of their friends […]

Econet Subscribers Tired Of Sasai Spam Messages

If you’re an Econet user and you haven’t received the “your friend x has joined Sasai” message from Econet, you’re a special and extremely lucky subscriber. I’ve been receiving the messages over the past few days but I hadn’t heard anyone else complaining so I bit my tongue and chose not to write about this […]

Chakachaya paSasai Promotion Might Finally Incentivise People To Start Using Sasai

Sasai has been around for a while now. Unfortunately, no one outside of Cassava/Econet can really know how well the chat app is doing because they haven’t shared the number of active users. The application has been downloaded by over 100 000 users which is no small feat but I remember Econet celebrating similar milestones […]

Econet’s Social Media & SMS Bundles Go Up Again: $3 For 75 SMS’

Econet recently raised the prices for its data bundles and as is usually the case SMS bundles and social media bundles also saw price increments. Your weekly SMS will now cost you the following: $3 for 75 SMS’ $4 for 125 SMS’ $5 for 200 SMS’ This is a far cry from the pricing four […]

Sasai Also Launches Diaspora Remittances, Zero Fees For 30 Days

Yesterday Cassava Smartech’s EcoCash launched a digital Bureau de Change. The recently launched Sasai application is also playing in that space, they have announced a diaspora remittance service today. Sasai promises to keep remittances costs low. They have announced their fees to be only 2.5% of the money being sent. Traditional remittance channels have fees […]

Sasai Downloaded In 75 Countries – Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa recently took to his Facebook to comment on the progress made by Sasai thus far and he shared some interesting information about the recently-launched social payments application. His Facebook post read; Personally for me, as an entrepreneur, the most satisfying part of the launch of Sasai was knowing that as Africans we have […]