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What Led To The Death Of Kwese’s Satellite TV Service?

So Kwese satellite TV has been on the market for a year and a half but it seems that Kwese is already shifting strategies and ditching a service that was met with huge waves of excitement followed by an underwhelming sense of inadequacy… Let’s take a look at why Kwese couldn’t hit the home run […]

DStv To Open Up Some Premium Channels To Subscribers For The Rest Of July

DStv will be opening up a selection of SuperSport and children’s channels to subscribers on Compact Plus, Compact Family, or Acces packages as part of what they are calling a ‘winter bonus.’ The sporting and kids channels will be open from Friday 13 July until the 31st of July. There is however one caveat and […]

Kwese TV not licensed, says Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

Barely a day after Econet Wireless Zimbabwe announced that customers can now subscribe to the new Kwese TV service, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has released a statement saying that Kwese TV is not yet licensed to operate in the country. BAZ has also said that the licence Kwese TV has used to launch its […]

Econet’s Kwesé TV finally goes live in select African countries, offers its full bouquet for US$25

It’s not just a sports affair, though. There are channels for music, news and general entertainment and all in all Kwesé TV offers over 50 channels. These are available on a pay-as-you-watch model with 3 day, 7 day and 30-day subscription options for all its content. The monthly subscription has been set at US$25.

Here’s why Econet has a chance at disrupting MultiChoice with Kwesé TV

Econet appears to have explored some very important aspects in becoming a strong Internet TV and VOD service operator. However, the question is whether or not it stands any chance against MultiChoice, the market leader in the African subscription market.

DStv’s low income pay tv service, GOtv, mysteriously goes off air

This may not been news to affected GOtv users but we got word that the DStvs low income pay tv service, GOtv, has been off air since 31 January leaving clients without viewing. We called the DStv call center and the unsuspecting attendant confirmed that GOtv is experiencing a “slight challenge” which is still under […]

Zimbabwean satellite station, 1st TV, shuts down just two months after launch

Remember 1st TV? Come on, you should. It’s that “Zimbabwe’s first free independent TV station” that launched just weeks before the elections. Ok, wrong event to associate them with. You probably remember them for springing up to the opportunity of South Africans pulling their SABC channels from our FTA decoders. 1st TV came quickly, literally appearing from […]

Where to find Zimbabwe 1st TV on the internet: Streaming, YouTube, Facebook

Zimbabwe 1st TV went live yesterday as promised. But they are not just beaming to free-to-air satellite TV decoders, the channel is available for online viewing. The channel can be viewed as streaming service you Ustream, viewed as recorded shows on YouTube, and followed on Facebook

That didn’t take long… SABC soaps weekly DVDs now available on Harare streets

When suggestions were made two weeks ago that Zimbabweans would seize the opportunity to sell weekly DVDs of South African soapies that were pulled from free-to-air satellite TV as part of the SABC’s new encryption, we didn’t think it would happen in the immediate. How wrong could we be!

SABC encryption a welcome development, says ZBC. Now pay your TV license!

An article in the state owned daily The Herald today says the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has “hailed” the encryption of the South African SABC channels a few days ago, which made the channels inaccessible on free to air decoders. The report says ZBC is urging viewers to pay up TV licences as this would enable ZBC to improve the programming.

Satellite TV: South Africa finally encrypts SABC channels

Local TV sucks. Well, ok, that’s too general. But those satellite dishes stuck to walls , housetops and trees even in the lowest income neighbourhoods suggest people are hungry for other content. Maybe it’s in addition to what’s served by the local TV overlords.

MyTV Africa: DSTV’s competition

After my rant in the previous article I got an email in my inbox suggesting I try MyTV and see how it compares with DSTV which it aims to compete with. MyTV is a smart card pay satellite service just like DSTV.

DSTV’s unfair pricing model

Like most men I like sports; I find Test cricket and the UEFA Champions league particularly interesting. I also like Nature and History documentaries although I care little for gossip news or “reality” televisions shows like Idols and X-factor. Under no circumstances will you find me watching Big Brother or Race.

Mobile services startup AppleVine introduces new DStv payment method

MultiChoice’s DStv is probably the most popular pay TV service in sub-Saharan Africa but subscription payment is not as convenient as most people would like. In Zimbabwe, it used to be that to make payment you had to do it at one specific bank; one called Interfin. Then, later, MultiChoice added more banks to their DStv […]