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How scammers outsmart people by predicting stock market trends and cryptocurrency prices

So email scams are pretty common occurrences. If you’ve had an email address for a long time you’ve probably received an email telling you that you’re one of the lucky recipients of the latest iPhone or a hundred thousand dollars. Whilst some people fall for these types of scams – these aren’t the most sophisticated. […]

Video: Watch out for these scams

A number of online scams alleging that they can make you money quickly are sprouting up everywhere. In this video we try and spot the common traits of these scams in the hope that people will not lose their hard earned money to these schemes. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to […]

Zimsec exam papers for Sale and other online scams you should look out for

Times are hard in Zimbabwe and people are trying to hustle by any means necessary. The gullible shall be taken advantage of by the sly and cunning. Zimbabweans have become experienced in creating value out of nothing, from the street vendors selling forex, to the WhatsApp groups reselling Econet e-learning data bundles for a ZWL$50.00 […]

Scammers Already Claiming They Can Sell You Facebook’s Libra Currency, Though It Isn’t Out Yet

You might have heard about Facebook’s grand plans for a global cryptocurrency – Libra. Whilst there is a lot of excitement surrounding this cryptocurrency, scammers are already coming out of the gate and claiming they will sell you the crypto, though it hasn’t even been launched as of yet. Fraudsters are creating fake websites that […]

Zimbabweans losing money to internet scammers

A report carried in the Chronicle, a Zimbabwean daily newspaper, says that many Zimbabweans have fallen victim to internet fraudsters. Without revealing any figures, a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spokesperson Detective Inspector Augustine Zimbili indicated that cases of Zimbabweans falling prey to fraudsters were on the increase.