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France Bans Mobile Phones At School And Why This Is A Big Deal Even For Zimbabwe

Initially, I mentioned the French government banning mobile phones in the country’s primary, junior and middle schools in passing. But after constant nagging and convincing of how much a big deal it is from my boss, I’ve decided to explore the topic a little further. So, according to France, students will not be allowed to use their […]

Private schools, local languages and all the rest…

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense why certain stories find their way on Techzim right? An example of such is this very article. Why would a tech blog talk about vernacular languages in the education system? Here’s the short explanation: First, you are right, Techzim is a tech publication with a hint of business. Education, however, […]

ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

There has been much talk about educational curricula recently. Whether or not you agree with Lazarus Dokora on the contents or the implementation of the curriculum change in Zimbabwe’s public school system, there’s one great thing to take out of the whole drama. Zimbabweans have been forced to take a closer look at how and […]