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Legalising Information – Should Zimbabweans have the “right to be forgotten”?

Back in May, the European Union’s Court of Justice ended a legal spat that binds Google to pay attention and where possible, comply with an individuals’ request to erase information from its search engine. Search engines in their entirety were tied to this ruling all of Europe, allowing people to censor data when searched on […]

Accessing US based services from Zimbabwe

In a previous article we looked at how Amazon was reportedly piloting a library like feature where customers could access books for a fixed monthly charge. We went on to look at other similar services like Oyster Books and Scribd which are currently on the market. All to often most of these services and pilots […]

Amazon moots “library” like feature

News (substantiated rumors) doing round on the Blogosphere is that the folks at Amazon are on the verge of testing what is being touted as a “Spotify” for books. We have looked at Spotify before: it is a service that lets you listen to the music of your favourite musician via the internet in exchange for […]