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ZSE & SECZ want more retail investors – Stockbrokers will have to improve their online presence for that to happen

The Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and Zimbabwe Stock Exchnage have made it clear that Zimbabwes securities market needs more retail investors. Men and women like you and I, who traditionally haven’t invested are the new target and whilst applications such as C-Trade and sites like ZSEDirect make it possible to trade there are […]

Interview: C-Trade Registered Over 10 000 Accounts Last Year

2018 was an eventful year for C-Trade. C-Trade was launched to much fanfare and having become the first online platform for share trading, C-Trade quickly rose to prominence with over 2000 traders opening accounts in the first fortnight. This is a significant number in that since dollarisation only 7 500 investors had opened accounts. We recently […]

Trading Of Shares On The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Using Mobile Phones Is Almost Here, Are The Listed Companies Ready?

  This morning we were gonna witness the launch of C-Trade, an online and mobile trading platform for Zimbabwe’s capital markets. Unfortunately, the launch has been postponed yet again. I am disappointed because the postponement was because the Guest of Honour is not available. Zimbabweans have a fascination with big launches, I am more for […]