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Tag: SHA

Will Wangu takeoff as Zimbabwe’s Facebook or its own social network?

I’ve honestly lost track of the number of social networks that pop up every year. In between all  the suggestions that I get on Facebook (oh the irony..) to sign up for other sites and join other networks, it all just seems like a movement that one-in-a-dozen techies is still building Zuckerburg dreams on. There will […]

Webdev’s SHA social network down. May come back renewed

Remember SHA the social network? Well it was one of Webdev’s attempt (and one of the many attempts by local startups) at building a social network for Zimbabweans. A more local Facebook if you want. Well, it’s down. The site right now shows an “Under Maintenance” banner. We initially took that to mean they had killed […]

Zimbabwe’s largest online classifieds site gets a new look

Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds site just got a new look. The site’s has generally been redesign to look like the company’s social network site Sha!  This means a simpler, cleaner look and somewhat more usable than the old one. The logo has also been redesigned along the lines of the Sha logo. That aside one […]

Zimbo Jam finally launches new site after one week of down time

Zimbabwe’s most trafficked entertainment and lifestyle news website, Zimbo Jam, is finally back. The site went down on 13 April as the team there upgraded it to a new version. During the upgrade however, things didn’t go as planned; a major component failed, derailing the whole upgrade process.

SHA’s first five months – an interview with the founder

Some five months ago, in November, Webdev, the company behind Zimbabwe’s successful online classifieds site, launched a social network and named it SHA. They were not the first to try social networking locally; there have been many ‘local’ social networks already. All of them open source projects like JomSocial, SHAretronix, BuddyPress, elgg themed for the local audience. SHA’s not much different in that respect, but unlike other such projects, SHA’s is owned by an internet company that already has heavy visibility and multiple platforms to showcase its products in Zimbabwe’s internet space.

Estimating the number of Facebook users in Zimbabwe

There has been a lot of curiosity about Zimbabwe’s Facebook population lately. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t provide Zimbabwe’s Facebook stats because of, well, you guessed it, we’re a bad people. Or at least the targeted US sanctions say some leaders here are.

Fes’bhuku play: The impact of social media on Zimbabwe’s rural communities

If you’re in Harare, you love theatre, and have an interest in the impact of the internet and social media on social and political issues, here’s something you’ll not want to miss: From 7 December (Yesterday) to 17 December 2011, a play called Fes’bhuku will be showing at Theatre in the Park in Harare. The term “Fes’bhuku” is a loan translation of “Facebook” into the Shona vernacular.

Webdev launches its social network. Names it SHA

Last week, Webdev opened its social network to the public. The name Social has been discarded in favour of a shorter and simpler SHA is short for the ‘Shamwari’, the Shona word for ‘friend’. There’s already some activity on the site, and I have received a few friend requests from some familiar faces.