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DStv launches its streaming only service in South Africa, the pricing doesn’t make sense

DStv has launched its streaming only service in South Africa. Now, even if you take a cursory glance at the prices they don’t make much sense and here’s why.

SABC wants Netflix users to pay a TV licence because regulation is outdated

When we wrote about SABC’s upcoming streaming service we touched on the fact that SABC and the Ministry of Communications want South Africans to pay their TV Licence for digital services like Netflix, Showmax and DStv (Satellite). In that article, I mentioned the fact that in the UK people must have TV licences in order […]

SABC to launch streaming service next year

South African Broadcasting Corporation (aka SABC) has announced that they are launching a Netflix/Showmax-like streaming service of their own in 2021. The SABC can confirm that it is planning to launch its video and audio streaming services in line with the ever-changing industry trends and consumer needs. At this stage, the SABC is not in […]

DStv’s bundling with Netflix being investigated by SA Competition Commission

In June, Multichoice announced that they had reached agreements with Netflix and Amazon Prime to offer a bundled service. Strangely, when DStv announced two new sets of decoders that will offer streaming capabilities, not a word was said about Netflix or Prime. Why was that the case? Well, it’s simple really – SA’s Competition Commission […]

Multichoice Showmax Pro is now available in Zimbabwe

Following on a report from earlier this month, Multichoice unveiled a new product Showmax Pro. The initial rollout only had it available only in Nigeria and Kenya, but that list of countries has been expanded. The list is as follows: Benin Democratic Republic of the Congo Guinea-Bissau Rwanda Botswana Cote d’Ivoire Liberia São Tomé and […]

Multichoice Launches Showmax Pro: What’s New?

Multichoice has announced the launch of Showmax Pro which will expand the offering available on the Video on Demand (VoD) platform. Initially, Pro will only be available in Nigeria and Kenya. So what do you get over the standard Showmax? In addition to the movies, and shows already existing on Showmax, the Pro offering adds […]

How Significant Is Local Content To DStv?

When Kwese Pay TV met it’s untimely death last year and even well before that, one of the things we lamented was the lack of local content on the platform. Kwese’s crash came down to a combination of factors and not just ultimately down to local content but looking at the role localised content plays […]

Showmax’s 10 Most Streamed Shows Of 2019

2019 was a pretty eventful year for Showmax. The company made some considerable leaps in the world of streaming with one of the highlights being the trial of sports content. With 2019 having just ended Showmax released a list of the most popular shows on the streaming service internationally and in South Africa. 10 most-streamed […]

Showmax One Of The First VoD Services Trialing Out Live Sports Coverage

If you’ve followed the VoD trend over the last few years, you’ll know that most of the major streaming services are yet to figure out what will happen with live sports coverage. Right now, it looks like in the future, consumers will have to stream sporting content separately from services like Netflix, HBO or Amazon […]

DStv Launches An App That Helps You To Manage Your Account On-the-go

DStv has launched MyDStv, its app that will help you to manage your account wherever you are on your handheld device. MyDStv app is both available for Android and iOS users on their respective stores. The app has a very sleek interface that’s quite appealing. For those who value aesthetics of apps, MyDStv app will […]

Here’s Where To Watch Game Of Thrones Season Finale

It may be a bit too late to let you know where you can watch Game of Thrones season finale considering that the premiere episode already aired last week. But lately, I have encountered and also heard some people asking where can they watch this long-awaited season 8. I even heard some folks asking whether […]

DSTV Zim Accounts Don’t Get Showmax For Free

The way I see it DSTV, has always taken the Zimbabwean market for granted. For years Zimbabweans have always complained that they pay more for less. In fact it took them ages to add the English Premiership League (EPL) to the Compact bouquet. South African Compact bouquet accounts, as far as I know have always […]

Game Of Thrones Is Coming Back In April: You Can Binge Watch Past Seasons On Showmax

I like to think we have all been patiently waiting for the next and final season of Game of Thrones (GoT). The truth though is that there are a lot of people out there who have not seen past seasons of the show yet. I recently met three people in a kombi who had never […]

Now That Kwese Satellite TV Is Gone Here Are Some Options For Kwese Subscribers

A lot of people, including myself, were shocked by the sudden announcement that Kwese was shutting down. In fact by the time a lot of the subscribers became aware of this the service had for all intents and purposes already stopped operating on the first of November and some had already paid their subscriptions for […]

Is DStv’s Showmax  Actually More Popular Than Netflix In South Africa?

A recent survey conducted in South Africa concluded that Netflix is less popular than Showmax in the country. Granted the survey was only a reflection of the thoughts of 3 154 participants, for a long time the assumption has been that Netflix is the king of everything VoD. At least they are the usual reference […]

DStv Now comes with free Showmax subscription on premium package

DStv recently announced that you will now get a Showmax subscription at no additional cost if you are subscribing to their premium package. Earlier this year, Naspers, the media giant which owns Multichoice and Showmax started to look for partnerships with African mobile networks. This was in order to bring its video on demand service, […]

Netflix broadens it’s horizon and increases in subscriptions beyond expectation.

Netflix recently reported an unexpected rise in its number of subscribers over the last quarter. The 5.2 million new subscribers was almost double their expected 3.2 million for that quarter. This does say a lot about the people’s preference and shift to on demand viewing rather than the traditional ways of watching at specified broadcast […]

African VOD service & DStv affiliate ShowMax expands footprint, enters Europe with Poland launch

This extends ShowMax’s reach to a totally new region (it launched in 36 new countries, including Zimbabwe, in 2016) and also positions it as a multi-continental VOD service which is betting heavily on the prospect of increased coverage through geographic expansion.

African VOD service ShowMax partners Vodacom SA, launches low-cost bouquet with local content focus

ShowMax, the Video on Demand (VOD) service that’s owned by DStv’s parent company Naspers, has launched a new lower-priced service available exclusively to subscribers on South African mobile network Vodacom. It’s called ShowMax Select and it offers subscribers unlimited access to a catalogue of TV shows, movies, kids shows, and documentaries more (than 10,000 TV show […]

Naspers looks for partnerships with African mobile networks, braces for competition with Netflix

Naspers’ statements come at a time when the African VOD space has attracted a scramble from a number of services which include Netflix, Amazon and Econet’s Kwese TV. These have emerged as serious contenders as demonstrated by their major investments in content.

ShowMax partners SEACOM for faster content delivery & less buffering, readies East Africa rollout

The result is that ShowMax subscribers who want to access any of its movies, series and shows will have faster access to the content and it will be delivered with reduced buffering.

Not feeling ZBC or DStv? – here’s how to watch “unlimited” TV for $11 this holiday season

The festive season is in full swing and by now everyone is in holiday mode. An essential part of this season is some great entertainment that can fill in all those extra hours you have and help pass the time. That’s where TV comes in. Usually, this means subscribing for a Dstv bouquet, setting up […]

Amazon launches its TV service, Prime Video, in over 200 countries including Zimbabwe – dangles $2.99/month offer

Amazon has just launched Prime Video, its Video On Demand (VOD) pay TV service in over 200 countries around the world (Zimbabwe included) effectively becoming the biggest competitor to internet TV poster child Netflix in providing internet TV to a global audience.

Netflix finally “responds” to African VOD demands, introduces offline feature that let’s you download content

This means that users who only have access to the best type of internet in specific places like at home, the office or a WiFi hotspot can save shows and enjoy them when they are on the go or when they aren’t online.

Netflix is introducing offline viewing by the end of 2016. Here is why it’s a big deal for Africa

Netflix is introducing offline viewing by the end of 2016. Here is why it’s a big deal for African pay TV services and how we access premium content.

What are people watching locally? – here are 8 DStv alternatives in Zimbabwe

In case you don’t want to watch DStv and are willing to pay to free yourself of the torture that comes with only relying on ZBC TV, there are some options at your disposable -we’ve listed 8 of them.

African VOD service ShowMax adds new content, challenges Netflix’s domination

It wasn’t too long ago we reported on ShowMax, the NASPERS owned video-on-demand (VOD) service doubling its active users in the first part of 2016 from 5 million active users to 10 million active users. This has now been followed up by the expansion of its international catalog to include South African content. ShowMax which is available […]

African VOD service Showmax maintains growth targets, doubles active users in first part of 2016

In the first four months of 2016 Showmax also managed to double the number of its active users, a key indicator considering the slew of pay TV alternatives that viewers can migrate to.

Econet introduces zero-rated Kwesé TV bundles, plays to its strengths in aggressive African VOD space

Though Econet Media declined to comment on any developments related to Kwesé TV, the option for $0 daily, weekly and monthly Kwesé bundles suggests that the internet used to access the service will be zero rated for Econet subscribers.

It’s not just DStv, here are some of the other major African pay TV services

The market might be dominated by MultiChoice but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. In fact, as the market leader has lost some subscribers in the past year, that change also suggests that subscribers have alternatives.