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People Living In Chad Haven’t Had Access To Social Media For A Year Now

Earlier this year our government shut down the internet to stifle protests and when the internet was restored the government the government made sure that we still didn’t have our beloved social media platforms to communicate. This was the case for a couple of days but then order was later restored and Zimbos have been chatting […]

Netone To Compensate Customers Who Were Affected By The Internet Shut Down

Last week’s internet blackout saw many people’s internet bundles expiring without using them. Therefore, Netone wants to do its subscribers a favour to compensate those who didn’t get to use their internet bundles during the course of the internet shut down. On its Twitter page, Netone tweeted: Dear Valued Customer, Please Be Advised that all […]

Top Facebook Accounts To Follow For Latest Info About #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests

We understand that Twitter is too new-school for some people that’s why they are still on Facebook. So its only fair to also give these people a list Facebook accounts to keep abreast (that’s if you are in Zimbabwe and you have VPN to use social media) with the ongoing Shutdown Zimbabwe protests, just like […]

Here’s List Of Websites Blocked In Zimbabwe In Fear Of Protests, Includes Dating Sites!

So protests and stay aways are a very fearful thing it seems. Our paranoid government has blocked all websites they can think of that allow people to share information. The list even includes dating websites and platforms like Tinder! Here’s the list: There are probably more websites that are not on this list. WhatsApp appears […]

Access To Twitter & Instagram Now Being Blocked, As The Government’s Grip On The Internet Tightens In Face Of Protests

Zimbabweans have woken up to quite the dark morning as access to the internet is now being limited to sites that can’t help the cause of the latest Shutdown Zimbabwe protests. Since the early hours of the morning access to Facebook and WhatsApp was being blocked by Internet Service Providers and it seems that block […]

You Can’t Buy ZESA And Other Stuff Using EcoCash Because Econet Has Switched Off The Internet

So Econet’s decision to follow the government directive to switch off the internet has more casualties than just the repression of the flow of information in the country during the labour protests happening right now. The flow of money has been affected too. Limited use of Ecocash As soon as Econet threw the switch turning […]

Top Twitter Accounts To Follow During The Shutdown Zimbabwe Protests

Social media and the internet have given individuals the power to keep up with things as they happen like never before. With near-real-time updates pouring in you may be wondering which accounts and hashtags to follow and keep up with these protests. Which accounts will keep you up to speed? With that being said we […]