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Internet Will Be Shut Down Again In the Future To Curb “Chaos And Mayhem In Society”- Presidential Spokeman, George Charamba

I was a fool to think that, our government was regretting its decision to shut down the internet a couple of weeks ago, apparently not. In fact, it will shut it down again in future when protests happen again according to Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba. In an interview he said: As a matter of fact, it’s […]

President Mnangagwa Justifies Internet Shut Down, Although “He Deeply Believes In Freedom Of Speech And Expression”

If you were thinking that President Mnangagwa was going to regret or repent for last week’s decision to switch off the internet, then you are in for a disappointment. Although he “believes deeply in the freedom of speech, the Presidents said it was justified in shutting down the internet as social media was being used […]

Julius Malema Calls Governments’ Decision To Shutdown Internet “Barbaric” & “Unacceptable”

Julius Malema is a polarising man and though many mock him for various reasons I’ve heard him say sensible things on a number of occasions. Yesterday the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters hosted the Party’s first media briefing of the year and Malema did not hold back on his thoughts concerning the government imposed […]

Netone To Compensate Customers Who Were Affected By The Internet Shut Down

Last week’s internet blackout saw many people’s internet bundles expiring without using them. Therefore, Netone wants to do its subscribers a favour to compensate those who didn’t get to use their internet bundles during the course of the internet shut down. On its Twitter page, Netone tweeted: Dear Valued Customer, Please Be Advised that all […]

Zimbabwean Government Interfering With Internet A Clear Sign Of How Entrepreneurs & Businesses Are At The Mercy Of Politicians

It’s been an extremely tense week in Zimbabwe and some of the governments actions over the past few days make it pretty clear why Zimbabwe ranked 174th on the Heritage Economic Freedom List for 2018. Among 47 countries in the sub-Saharan region we rank 44th and some of the decisions such as shutting down the […]

Internet Access Has Been Restored To Some Zimbabweans

Late last night at around 22:00, internet access for Zimbabweans was shut down following a directive from the government. Just a few moments ago, it looks like the internet access has been restored though it’s currently only for a few people. The networks that currently have access are NetOne, TelOne, Telco and Utande. It should be […]

Zimbabwe ISP’s ordered to shutdown internet again

Posted By friends of Techzim as our local team is presently disconnected… It seems that the Government of Zimbabwe has issued yet another directive to ISPs forcing them to shutdown the internet again at approximately midnight last night. We can only assume that the enterprising Zimbabweans out there were finding bypasses to the continuous attempts […]

Here’s A Few Useful Telegram Groups To Help You Stock Up On Groceries And Other Resources During The Shutdown

So Telegram is working just fine and though the application probably surged in popularity with people banding together to inform each other about fuel it seems now there will be mass users joining the network as long as WhatsApp and other social networks remain closed off by the government. The fortunate thing about Telegram is […]

There Was Just A Congestion Problem, Zimbabwe’s Information Deputy Minister’s Silly Lie About The Internet Blackout

So the internet was switched off yesterday. We hoped and reasoned that this would never happen but the Zimbabwean government went ahead and ordered all internet service providers to block access to the internet. At first they just blocked access to social media and the popular chat application WhatsApp. By just after mid day yesterday […]

[Update] Which Internet Providers Have Restored Internet Access And What Can People Access

So internet access seems to be getting restored around the country and depending on which mobile network or internet service provider you’re subscribed to you might have access to different things on the internet right now. ZOL – ZOL seems to have restored internet access for everything else except for social media and WhatsApp. If […]

Access To Twitter & Instagram Now Being Blocked, As The Government’s Grip On The Internet Tightens In Face Of Protests

Zimbabweans have woken up to quite the dark morning as access to the internet is now being limited to sites that can’t help the cause of the latest Shutdown Zimbabwe protests. Since the early hours of the morning access to Facebook and WhatsApp was being blocked by Internet Service Providers and it seems that block […]

You Can’t Buy ZESA And Other Stuff Using EcoCash Because Econet Has Switched Off The Internet

So Econet’s decision to follow the government directive to switch off the internet has more casualties than just the repression of the flow of information in the country during the labour protests happening right now. The flow of money has been affected too. Limited use of Ecocash As soon as Econet threw the switch turning […]

Top Twitter Accounts To Follow During The Shutdown Zimbabwe Protests

Social media and the internet have given individuals the power to keep up with things as they happen like never before. With near-real-time updates pouring in you may be wondering which accounts and hashtags to follow and keep up with these protests. Which accounts will keep you up to speed? With that being said we […]