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[Watch] Silicon Valley Based Zimbo Speaks About Free Programming Lessons He Gave During The Year

Eric Khumalo a Bulawayo boy studying at UC Berkeley took a semester off and came home to help teach computer programming for free in order to bridge the local resource and information gap: Eric says he realised there was a big problem during the ZITF Hackathon earlier this year and he also shared his plans […]

My thoughts on the Bitcoin adoption status in Bulawayo…

Image credit: Pixabay I will start by vehemently apologising, well, maybe not vehemently but I do apologise for not letting you know about our very first Bitcoin event here in Bulawayo prior to its occurrence on Saturday as I had promised to always do sometime back. The situation was beyond my control – typical excuse, […]

Bulawayo: The Detroit of Africa gets a digital infusion

This article was written by Clinton Mutambo, the founder and CEO of where it was originally posted. The city of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) was once a regional manufacturing powerhouse. An extensive railway network coupled with bustling factories and skilled labour churned out everything from clothing to locomotives. The unfortunate and ongoing political crisis that has defined […]

These Zimbabwean entrepreneurs were backed by Microsoft and now want to transform local education

Mustard Seed generated significant interest among potential investors as well as prospective schools that were keen on integrating the platform with their existing school systems, something which prompted the team to explore the possibility of enhancing the system’s capabilities with options for district and provincial level data collation.

3 Common Myths & Misconceptions I’ve Heard About Entrepreneurship and Africa

It appears that in Africa, entrepreneurship is the new hype, everyone is talking about it in philosophical and fantastic terms yet very little facts and figures are going around. Africa is a land of magic and miracles, where many things can be attributed to witches, angry ancestors, miracles and God’s anger. In some circles, facts […]

Surviving the winter

Most startups, Zimbabwean startups being no exception, fail because the founders and members of these startups get so hung up on the technical aspects of their projects and products they ignore everything else. They don’t follow the best business practices, they don’t market the product well or violate one of the millions of business tenets that result in them failing in the end.

Africa be wary of this; paid & free are just the same

When it comes to tech, whether something is paid for or free, it always has a cost to it. Facebook, Google and Twitter offer us these free services, but we sacrifice our privacy to get them. Why aren’t we as Africans voicing our concerns about this?

Zimbabwean startup saisai winner of the SWELL Award at DEMO Africa

According to news coming from VC4Africa’s live blog, Zimbabwean startup saisai which was representing the country at this year’s DEMO Africa Startup showcase in Nigeria has been announced as the winner of the SWELL Innovation Award. SWELL is a global innovation partnership and corporate innovation accelerator backed by some notable tech corporations. Through partnerships with talented startups […]

What can Zimbabwe learn from the ice bucket challenge?

There’s no way you could have missed it. Unless you don’t use the Internet at all. It seems like everyone with a social media presence, (the craze is celeb driven actually) is doing it and In the process raising an awareness of a neurodegenerative disease. I’m referring to the Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea of […]

Assessing Africa’s readiness for multi-million dollar tech startup deals

Successes in startups have always been the stuff of fantasies. Seemingly simple ideas that are meant to solve some basic problems have turned some people into seriously wealthy individuals. This has been the trend at least in more advanced tech ecosystems such as the famed Silicon Valley. The formula has been used by startups from […]