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Bitcoin startup, Bitmari organises event to discuss the service’s potential in Zimbabwe

On Thursday the 28th of January 2016, there will be a Bitmari Meet-and-Greet at the Rainbow Towers in Harare. Starting at 5.30 pm the event(which is open to the public) is meant to offer interested parties an opportunity to learn more about BitMari and Bitcoin with an emphasis on exploring the opportunities that can come from using the service.

From funding Agriculture to RBZ sentiment; Bitmari founder shares plans for Bitcoin startup

We managed to get some brief responses for the founder of Bitmari, Sinclair Skinner. In the following Q and A, he gave some insight on what Bitmari will be working on, including financing new farmers, and how much the service will cost.

A new startup, Bitmari, is launching a Bitcoin money remittance service

We’ve seen some advocacy for Bitcoin locally as well, and now some people are starting to integrate Bitcoin with other common financial services. Take Bitmari for example. This is a new Bitcoin-based money remittance service for the Zimbabwe market.