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Here are Google’s 5 awesome releases and its 1 big advantage

With these releases, Google has commoditised artificial intelligence and it’s turning it into a core feature of everyday products and services, not just a geek feature that’s great as a party trick.

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but still won’t beat WhatsApp

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but in Zimbabwe it still won’t beat WhatsApp.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here in Zimbabwe – this is what we need to know about it

Just about every industry imaginable has something AI related going in. This ranges from deep sea mining, the military-industrial complex to tech giants making sense of big data churned-out, daily, online.

I still think the Apple smart watch is a dumb idea

Gone are the days when good old Stevie, God bless his soul, made sure that Apple was one of the leading innovators in the technology industry. I mean long before Windows became a thing and when most people reading this and I had yet become zygotes it was Apple who led the way with their […]

Apple: good things come to those who wait…

The Apple event has come and gone, and all that can be said about the whole thing is, wow. They took their “do it late but do it right statement”, and went all the way home. Not only have they made their phone faster, but they have managed to listen to their customers and make […]

Apple Event 2014 – One more thing?

Just in case you missed it among the flurry of social media updates and countless reports, yesterday tech giant Apple held its annual fall event that has become the launch pad for new products. Its the one event that very Apple fan-boy was excited about and the expectations were pretty high. The question is did […]