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Course Created By A Zimbabwean Attains Best Seller Status On Udemy

I am always gushing about Udemy and how awesome it is. Mostly I am talking about the consumer side of things i.e. me enrolling into a course on Udemy and paying them for the privilege. Well there is another side of Udemy where you create a course and get paid instead. Gwinyai Nyatsoka, a Zimbabwean […]

Start The New Year By Empowering Yourself Using Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

New Year comes with an unfailing tradition: New Year Resolutions. This is where you feel guilty about your failings in the past year you create a list of goals you presumably want to achieve in the current new year. It is however universally accepted truth that most people go on to never achieve their resolutions. […]

Coders And Aspiring Coders, Here Are 12 Development Courses To Get You Started On Skillshare

Skillshare is an e-learning website like Udemy that allows you to enrol in short courses for a single monthly payment of just $10 a month. Unlike Udemy this is a subscription based payment, once you pay the $10/month you can go crazy and feast on the buffet of available courses. Even greater news, the first […]

Learn With Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

People are always asking me for a Udemy alternative, well Skillshare is one such alternative. The site allows you to enrol in short courses on a number of topics and categories crafted by gurus in their categories just like with Udemy. The good news is that the first two months are free to our Techzim […]