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BBC’s Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business is a must watch

Yesterday BBC One aired an intriguing and riveting documentary called Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business which explores the sordid underbelly of the tobacco and cigarette business. While, to most of us Zimbabweans, tobacco just happens to be one of our biggest foreign currency earners, it turns out there is a whole dark world out […]

How to watch US Netflix using static routing on OpenWrt and SmartDNSProxy

It is well known in the movie and TV Shows community that US subscribers tend to get the best Netflix goodies. It is also well known that Netflix presents its catalogue based on what they detect your IP address to be. This presents opportunities for the tech-savvy among us. You can pay for Zimbabwe, South […]

Netflix goes after SmartDNS and specialist VPN providers

If you are a Netflix user you probably know that regular VPN doesn’t work if you want to watch content from another county. This is because Netflix has “blocked” all known none-home IP addresses that are typically used by most VPNs. This has led to a rise in so-called specialist VPNs and SmartDNS. These are […]

How to sideload BBC iPlayer and SBS onto your Android TV Box

One free way to watch the Olympics is to do so via BBC iPlayer or Australia’s SBS. Both are free to watch but only in their respective countries. A good way around such geo-blocking is to use SmatDNS. The basics of it are you go to a SmartDNS provider, get two DNS server IPs, use […]

Where and how to watch Euro 2020 matches

The delayed European Championships (Euro 2020) started in earnest last night when Italy the hosts crashed hapless Turkey. The final score was 3:0 in favour of Italy. Over the next 30 days, 50 matches will be played all of which will be broadcast live on various platforms. So which one is more suited to you? […]

Breath new life into your router with OpenWrt

If your router has stopped receiving firmware updates, don’t despair Openwrt might be the solution you need to keep your router up to date.

Netflix Increased Subscription Fees For US Customers

So while we were busy with our offline and blocked lives after violent protests sparked by the fuel price hikes, Netflix US went and hiked its subscriptions too. The U.S, Netflix’s largest market by far, was already paying more than anyone else for the privilege of accessing what is essentially the streaming giant’s most interesting […]

Here Are The 10 Best BBC TV Shows of 2018 You Can Watch Them For Free On iPlayer

Don’t get me wrong, I love my American TV shows, US producers really know how to make a show but when I want something serious and artsy in nature I always turn to the BBC. We are a nation of Anglophiles after all. Besides Capitalism tends to get in the way of even good shows […]

Farewell DramaFever It Was Nice Knowing Thee: Here Are Two Free Alternatives

A few weeks before Kwese went belly up something happened in the media world that I somehow missed: DramaFever one of my favourite destinations for Korean drama series and movies was shut down. If you visit their site you will see a message saying they have shut their doors forever. As of October 16, DramaFever […]

How To Access NetFlix US Library Using SmartyDNS

Last week we looked at how Zimbabweans are being charged more, a lot more, for Netflix when compared to their US counterparts. This is when we take into account what we are asked to pay versus the Netflix Library items ( TV Shows and Movies) that are available to watch from Zimbabwe on the streaming […]