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Econet set to introduce NFC payments through EcoCash?

Here’s something interesting that I spotted while paying for lunch at an eatery in Harare – the cashier was handling payments through a card based system that works through a tapping mechanism. No, it wasn’t the EcoCash Mastercard or telecash Goldcard. It turns out its an NFC enabled “tap and go” system that works with cards […]

SmartPay sets out to extend financial services to the unbanked via a card

Yesterday we attended a press briefing by a new payments company called SmartPay. The company has launched a financial services system that users can access using a smart card. In the background, the SmartPay system is basically a switching system enabling financial institutions to receive deposits, users to withdraw money, merchants to process payments, organisations […]

SmartPay to launch new payment switching system in Zimbabwe

We just received an invitation to the ‘unveiling’ and presentation of a Universal Electronic Payments System (UEPS) next week by a company called SmartPay. The system is basically a payment switch in the mould of something like ZimSwitch or Uniswitch, both local payment switching companies. SmartPay is referring to their system as the “first unique UEPS Switch system in the country.” Just how unique will obviously be clear next week.