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Blackberry is still in the smartphone game

It seems Blackberry is not quite done. They are soon going to have another go at the smartphone market in the coming months. After their partner, TCL Communications announced that they would stop selling Blackberry phones starting the end of August of last year Blackberry went on to find another partner. They joined hands with […]

Video: Did you know your smartphone could do this?

Smartphones are now a must have for a lot of people and with each passing year we see newer ones come out that are even more powerful with even more features. In this video we look at some of the mind blowing stuff that smartphones can do right now. Stuff like turning a monitor into […]

Video: Window shopping tech products in OK Mart

In this video we take a look at some of the products that OK Mart has in it’s tech section. All feedback is welcome and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

Upgrading to Android 11 will break your favourite apps

Google engineers are sometimes like your mother cleaning your room unsolicited. You swear you left your magazines (let’s just call them National Geographic mags but we both know they aren’t) under your pillow. The spot was perfect, quick access for when you need to use them. Now comes the tricky part. You cannot ask your […]

Global Smartphone Shipments Fall 38 %YoY in February 2020

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments tumbled 38% year-on-year in the month of February 2020. It was the biggest fall ever in the history of the worldwide smartphone market. In February 2019, 99.2 million smartphones had been sold and a year later that number has dropped to 61.8 million units. The […]

How Malicious Applications Operate On Your Phone

Secure-D, an anti-fraud organisation that detects and blocks mobile ad fraud, has released a report on mobile ad fraud and its impacts on users. Part of the report explains how malware designed for mobile ad fraud works on our smartphones. Distribution The initial stage of mobile ad fraud is distribution. This is when fraudsters trick […]

Samsung Sold 54% Of 5G Devices In 2019

Whilst 5G isn’t a widespread technology by any means yet it seems the appetite for 5G compatible phones is already pretty high – Samsung managed to sell 6.7 million 5G enabled smartphones in 2019. This figure is over 50% higher than the 4 million units Samsung expected to sell. In total Samsung launched 6 devices […]

Can Feature Phones Survive Without WhatsApp?

Feature phones or twumbudzi as they are commonly known in Zimbabwe are interesting devices. Whilst most people believe feature phones will be and are currently being obliterated by smartphones, the reality on the ground is actually more interesting than you would think. What’s what? First thing is first, what are feature phones? Basically, these are […]

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha Looks Like Something From The Future

When foldable phones started getting announced, a number of people questioned whether these phones are necessary. I’m sure Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha will get the same reception due to its futurist appearance. The phone has a display that wraps around and is only interrupted by a camera strip used to house the 108 MP camera […]

Fake Device Registration Could Lead To 7 Year Jail Sentences In Pakistan

Globally there’s been a pretty intense fight against counterfeit devices making their way into the hands of consumers and it seems Pakistan is taking this battle more seriously than most as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started arresting shopkeepers and users involved in fake registrations. Culprits found guilty will be sentenced to a maximum […]

Xiaomi To Focus More On The African Market

Xiaomi is a pretty popular brand but they have been seriously struggling in their home country with a reputation of making cheaper phones that people don’t want to be seen carrying. Fortunately, this hasn’t been an issue in India; a market that is obsessed with specs and cheaper phones. Xiaomi’s growth in India has probably […]

Valentines Discounts On Selected Smartphones!

Unless you are living under a rock somewhere you’d know we are 3 days away from Valentine’s day. In case you were out of ideas for a gift you’ll be happy to know we have put up discounts on select smartphones as well as added a couple of new smartphones and tablets to our online […]

The Notch Is Finally Dead! Are Manufacturers Making Smartphone Design Great Again In 2019?

2018 was a pretty uninspiring year in terms of smartphones. Now that features are pretty much equal in phones, OEMs (manufacturers) are competing in design but even in that regard, there’s not much they can do with the mobile phones form-factor that will greatly set them apart from their competitors. This is NOTch acceptable Crappy […]

Some Common Elements of Successful Mobile Games

With the surge in use and demand for smartphones, many mobile users are exploring the many applications at disposal. Today, mobile games are the in thing among many people who own smartphones. It is easy to download mobile games, as you can easily find them in app stores and also in genuine mobile operator websites. […]

Infographic: Preserving Your Digital Memories – How Smartphones Have Changed Photography

The widespread availability of smartphones has completely changed attitudes towards photography and we are taking far more photos than ever before. Studies have shown that in the year 2000, 86 billion photos were taken. As smartphones rose in popularity in the 2000s, this number rose and rose, hitting 380 billion a decade later and rising […]

Oppo Find X From The Other Side Of The Fence

So yesterday my arch nemesis (and workmate) Farai Mudzingwa went full throttle on how The Oppo Find X was a clear miss with the pop up camera design and axed features. A lot of valid arguments were outlined by this lad but I feel every story has 2 sides. Here is mine. Notch Be Gone […]

Itel S32 Is The Impressive Budget Smartphone You Have Never Heard Of!

Bold claim indeed but even I was shocked by this Itel S32 smartphone. It is an upcoming smartphone brand with some pretty humble specs but a really impressive build. Let’s crack it open and see what we are dealing with. The following is a technical review of this device. For a simplified summary scroll down […]

Flagship, mid-range, premium, high-end smartphone. What does it all mean?

Flagships devices, high-end devices mid range, premium the classes go on and on. Its a mess trying to explain which devices go were and why but I think I might be able to clear the air a little bit. Defining them with respect to their processing power for me seems like a more palatable categorizing […]

Oppo, The Actual Smartphones Have Landed In Zimbabwe Now!

Just a couple of weeks ago a new smartphone brand called Oppo popped up in our humble streets of Harare. For those of you that didn’t know, Oppo is the 2nd biggest selling smartphone manufacturer in China, only bested by Huawei. So whats on offer in our local Oppo store? Oppo A37   Retailing at […]

2018 The Year Of The Serious Value Smartphone?

At the beginning of 2017 I threw out an article on how it was going to be the year of the biggest smartphone battle. Boy oh boy did they deliver! Even threw in a couple of new kids into the arena, the Razer Phone and the Essential Phone. It was fought tooth and nail and […]

[Video] Locking your phone is not as wise as you may think

We are extra vigilant with putting heavy security measures on our devices for privacy sake but its actually not such a good idea. If your device is lost or stolen its very difficult to trace the owner and thus leaving the thief to flash the phone deleting everything on it and sealing ones fate of […]

How Often Should A Smartphone Design Change?

So Sony recently got interviewed by the Indian Express. In the interview, Kenichiro Hibi, the company’s India managing director, told Indian Express that the next generation of Sony flagship smartphones will be coming with a completely new design. This got me asking myself how often should a smartphone design change? Sony Z line has kept […]

Press Release: Econet launches massive smartphone credit scheme for Civil Servants 

Fayaz King, Econet COO Mobile telecommunications market leader Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has announced a huge credit scheme that will empower civil servants and all eligible government employees to get new smart phones for free, and then pay as little as $12 per month. According to the company, the scheme will benefit teachers, nurses, doctors and […]

Tecno L9 Plus. Power just got an upgrade

You might remember the Tecno L8 from last year with it’s insane 5050 mAh battery and the best endurance score of all the devices we had ever tested at the time. Now they have the L9 Plus and it’s been spruced up a little bit. I don’t want to give away too much so let […]

#AskTechzim Video: Paypal for Zimbabwean Merchants, Best smartphone brands, Custom ROMS, Our Bias

Usually we write what we think you want to read. Sometimes we’re right about this but other times that just means stuff that you’d like us to cover never gets the chance. We want to change this. Every Thursday we’ll be doing an #AskTechzim video, in which we’ll answer stuff that you ask us via […]

Why the return of the Nokia 3310 is a brilliant move

When the Nokia 3310 was a big deal in Zimbabwe, back in 2003, I didn’t have a phone. I had never owned one. I was in college and couldn’t afford a phone. But this was one phone model I knew about. We all know about the Nokia 3310. It was one of the two most fashionable consumer […]

Why smartphone batteries seem to deplete faster when cold than when warm

Enough of the times I have always had overheating issues with a couple of of my smartphones because of the relatively heavy usage I put them through. Once the heat got too much to handle then it was off to the refrigerator where I would leave my smartphone to cool off. I would always leave […]

Astro Genesis Phab Review. The long awaited Astro Ambassador

The Astro Genesis Phab comes through as the long awaited premium offering from the manufacturer. It comes with quite a bit of interesting features that might just snatch your attention for a little bit. Let’s dive into the details shall we. The following is a technical review of this device. For a simplified summary scroll […]

The pointless fuss for thinner smartphones.

Smartphones are getting ever thinner with manufacturers going on about how slender their devices are which I feel is a very unnecessary topic to fuss about. Allow me to roll back to the Huawei Ascend P6 which when it was announced was the thinnest phone at 6.18mm. Pretty lean indeed and equally stunning to look […]