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Astro Mobile Africa launches a new line of devices

Astro Mobile Africa launched a couple of mobile phones yesterday in a brand relaunch event. This line of mobile phones includes one feature phone under the name A32 GOAT and 3 smartphones that is an entry level version called the Mercury, mid range version names Mercury Nova and a phablet dubbed the Genesis Phab. Here […]

Nokia paving the way for their upcoming smartphones.

A few weeks ago Nokia confirmed bringing back their brand name to the mobile device space which came as a long awaited return (for me that is) hinting they might be launching an Android powered Nokia handset early next year. Preparations are underway for this initiative with the return of an official Nokia Facebook page […]

Gtel A7150 X4. The iPhone of Zimbabwe?

Okay so the name will surely need a bit of getting used to but if you were following the Gtel line of smartphones i’m sure you can adapt to the new version quite seamlessly. This is the Gtel A7150 X4 and it’s a big, premium, beautiful slab of hardware with quite a few tricks underneath […]

LeEco, Chinese tech giant getting too ambitious?

LeEco might not be a familiar name in the tech realm, but this company is surely hellbent on stepping into the scene to challenge the established brands on innovation, quality and affordability. In a keynote event held on October 19 in the US, the company unveiled a number of smartphones, televisions as well as a […]

Note 7 recall frenzy: Is it worth it to buy a smartphone from legit retailers?

So recently Samsung has been one of the most talked about OEM in the mobile device realm and it hasn’t been good news. Their Note 7 smartphone faced some battery issues that resulted in it being recalled in September, and again early October before it was quite recently cancelled completely. Now of course i’m sure […]

Samsung may be forced to stop production of its best ever smartphone

Mounting rumours suggest that Samsung may  pull the plug on its controversial Galaxy  Note 7 just days after reports of its replacement units succumbing to the same exploding battery issue. Earlier today, Yonhap, a usually reliable source based in South Korea (Samsung’s HQ) reported to have confirmation from a Samsung official confirming the halt on production […]

How I have managed to live in 2016 without a smartphone.

Well a week ago I lost my pride and joy and I’ve been living with the most basic of smartphones since then. Being the tech savvy individual I am you can only imagine the dent, but take it from me. It’s not as bad as you might think. So a quick spec sheet on my […]

The top 10 2016 smartphones to get right now

With the recent release of the iPhone 7 there has been a raging debate over whether Apple’s new flagship device is the best device on the market right now. 2016 has seen all major mobile device manufacturers release their flagship products, so we decided to write up a list of the top 10 smartphones you […]

Is your smartphone a toy or a tool?

We should start recognizing smartphones as being so much more than just being a phone that can browse the internet and play music and videos. We should start seeing smartphones as productivity tools that can help us live better lives and make the world a better place to live in.

GTeL and Techzim are giving away a GTeL X3 phablet: Update

In tune with the festive cheer and spirit of giving, the folks at GTeL have made the review GTeL X3 device available for giveaway to one of our lucky readers. The $390 device comes with all the in-box accessories, along with a standard GTeL warranty.

Here’s the Ximex con, or how the price of a phone goes up because of a box

I had a revealing experience recently while shopping in Harare at Ximex Mall for a smartphone. A Samsung Galaxy S4 went from $250 to $400 simply because of a used box and accessories.

Who are we kidding, Zimbabwe isn’t ready for smartphones in schools

Recently the Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, stated that the Ministry has allowed smartphones in Zimbabwean schools on the reasoning that these devices can be used for research. While these capabilities might be undisputed, there are other serious consequences that the State is not considering. The reality is, we are not ready for a national rollout of smartphone use in Zimbabwe.

Econet now selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for $1,305

Local mobile operator is now selling the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for a cash price of $1,305 a fee that most will consider as steep. There’s a credit option under the Econet Premium line. You can get the device on a 24 month credit plan for $100 a month.

What can we expect from this new device from Gtel?

The secret is out folks. GTel is about to unveil a new device, The Gtel A755 SL5.1, But that wasn’t much of a secret to be honest. The local device assembler and distributor peaked a lot of interest with a media campaign that has managed to draw a lot of people’s attention to this new phone. Luckily, we managed to […]

The Hisense HS U820: When a phone just covers “the basics”

Like many players in the mobile industry, Hisense has its “entry level” section. This is the section where a phone is given the bare minimum to function, and the tendency in economies like ours, is that this is where the money is. Most people, after all, are not after the flagships that are priced for […]

By the numbers: 6 interesting facts about telecoms & internet in Zimbabwe

1. Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration 87% now. This figure is based on the number of active sim cards in the country.   2. Zimbabwe’s total number of active SIM cards reported, 11.4 million, is actually not the number of people that own mobile phones. Some people have more than one SIM from the same operator (smartphone, internet […]

Get ready for the $30 smartphone from TECNO

It has been reported by Biztech Africa that TECNO, a device manufacturer that has a strong focus on the the African mobile space is set to introduce a smartphone priced at a under $30 next year. This comes after an executive from TECNO made the remarks in an interview at Africacom last week. The company […]

Zimbabwe introduces 25% customs duty on mobile phones

Patrick Chinamasa, the minister of Finance, announced today that the government will now start levying 25% customs duty on mobile phone handset imports with effect from October 2014. Since August 2009, duty on mobile handsets and computers (essentially ICT gadgets) had been waived in a move to increase access to information technology. In the announcement Chinamasa explained the […]

This phone brand you’ve likely never seen, has overtaken Samsung in China

When most of us think of getting a new smartphone, the list of phones we go for has the obvious; iPhones if we have the money (or if we just want to buy off the street), Samsung is next, then maybe HTC, Nokia, Motorola, and maybe LG and Sony Ericsson. The name Xiaomi doesn’t feature anywhere close. […]

Why you don’t need an antivirus on your Android phone

Security is essential. We carry a lot of sensitive data with us on our smartphones, so much it goes without saying that you have to have some kind of protection. Desktop computers and Notebooks have long been a target for malware and virus creators.  If anything, Windows software has always been a primary target. It […]

Amazon launches the Fire Phone. Nothing here, let’s move on

Amazon’s launch of it’s new product line, a smartphone called Fire Phone, isn’t really news. Well, unless you’re in the US and unless you’re want a phone who primary goal is to sell you other Amazon services. It’s honestly quite irrelevant for us out here in the rest of the world. For starters, the phone will be available exclusively on a US […]

Sidewalk smartphone options are better than those in retail stores

Owning a smartphone means a lot these days, twice as much if you consider where you purchased it. While companies a la Apple have their own brick and mortar stores, third-party stores the likes of Goldtech Electronics come in a close second. Usually, this is an option if you’re purchasing a brand new device out […]

Of irksome Bloatware

Defined as the excess and unwanted junk that chews up your RAM, memory, battery and most importantly for us on prepaid bundles; data, bloatware this is one of the most irritating customer ring–fencing and brand visibility techniques that device and software manufacturers employ. This is basically the hordes of applications that are pre-installed on a […]

Twilight: death of the feature phone

Five years ago being a cellphone applications developer was a nightmare- there were a zillion brands and models each with different specifications and requirements. There was only one clear distinctive feature some phones had Java and some did not.Developing mobile phone websites was not really easy either; most phones had different browsers and screens sizes. […]

Will the Ubuntu phone catch on in Zimbabwe?

We have all heard the talk of how all or most our computing is going to shift to smartphones and tablets by the year so and so. The truth is I am still to encounter anyone who is willing to give up their traditional device, Desktop PC or Laptop, for any of these so called modern platforms. Some of the reasons are a result of completely irrational intransigence but one of the most common reasons given is that a great deal number of tasks are still difficult to perform on a tablet or smartphone

Who is in charge, you or your gadget?

With the prices of the internet and technology gadgets falling and the competition increasing the gadgets are becoming more and more accessible to everyone. With this access to gadgets also comes the access to things like social networking sites such as Facebook, chat apps such as WhatsApp, Mxit, mobile games etc. All these require and even demand our every minute attention: the phones, tablets, PCs even the apps and programs themselves are constantly ringing, vibrating, popping up, ringing and flashing; cajoling and enticing us to attend to them. This has given rise to a new affliction: Tech Addiction.

Samsung Galaxy S4 now being sold at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has announced that it’s now selling Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in its Harare and Bulwayo stores. So far, the price revealed is US $900 cash. Ads in the press and the company’s Facebook page say however that payment options are available in the stores.

Smartphone survey results: Zimbabwe’s most used & preferred phones

Following last week’s intense verbal fencing we are pleased to announce that the jury is back and we have the results. Now before I start to gloat and tell you I told you so here is a summary of the results:

Smartphone survey

In the previous instalment there was a lot of debate and impassioned discussion as people championed whatever their favoured smartphone or smartphone Operating system. We live in a country where some statistics are scarce and so for the most part our arguments were fuelled by educated guesses and intuition.

Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg and the next 5 billion devices

When Facebook unveiled yesterday what was supposed to be the Facebook Phone but ended up just being more a pervasive app (or shall we call it a launcher), we found the following by the Facebook chief standing out.