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Local startups looking to finance using equity might finally have a lifeline

We last wrote about the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) back in March. At the time, FINSEC was formulating a draft framework for the online platform designed for SMEs looking to raise capital. GEM then underwent a pilot phase in January which resulted in fine tuning of the GEM Portal platform based on feedback from targeted […]

Zim Stock Exchange Joins Forces With HRE To Make Capital Raising Platform For SMEs

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange recently announced they are joining forces with the Harare Receivables Exchange “for the development of a receivables financing platform”. The platform will be targeting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) because the belief within the two organisations developing this platform is that the above group of businesses “continue to face challenges […]

Ziminvoice Is An Online Bookkeeping Platform Designed For SME’s and Startups

You may soon need to ditch using Pastel or Quickbooks in favour of a homegrown accounting software/platform. Ziminvoice is a new online accounting platform that has been developed by our very own local entrepreneur, Byron Kabaira. Ziminvoice works pretty much like other popular software like pastel, only that it’s designed for Small-to-Medium Enterprises. That isn’t […]

How African Leaders Can Finance Development And Transformation

There is an African proverb that says the eater of a goat pays back a cow. For years African countries have focused their efforts in securing financial aid from Bretton Woods institutions and others for development and transformation. Unfortunately, this has proven to be an expensive, unsustainable model as the loans from these institutions have […]

We Finally Have Details On FBC’s Kwik POS Machine Targeting SMEs

Last week FBC started advertising their new Kwik POS machine, and whilst it was very apparent that this would compete in the same space as Steward’s Kwenga POS device many other details were left to the imagination of the public. We contacted FBC when the news broke but it seems the support desk was not […]

Zim Central Bank Registered 19 Microfinance Institutions In The First Half Of 2018

According to a report in the Herald, the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe opened 19 microfinance institutions during the first half of 2018. Though the Empowerbank launch was publicised by the government more overtly, the RBZ has registered 18 such institutions and some of the other institutions include Mula Microfinance and Raysun Capital. Overall, there are […]

[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to […]

A Payments Startup In South Africa Managed To Raise $16 million For Their Kwenga-Like Solution

Last week, Yoco raised R248 ($16.4) million in a round of investor funding for their POS solution targeting Small to Medium Enterprises. This is a significant amount for Series B investor funding. Series B funds are about taking businesses past the development stage. Yoco builds tools that enable SMEs to receive payments and manage business […]

Nedbank Plans To Fund The Private Sector Massively, Joins CBZ And CABS In Targeting SMEs

Following yesterday’s rebranding from MBCA, Nedbank Zimbabwe said they want to play a dominant role in financing the private sector. The bank alluded to the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business” as a key influence for them to choose funnelling funds to the private sector. This initiative is going to be introduced in the same […]

$1.5m loan facility availed to SMEs by Homelink

Homelink, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) subsidiary has availed a $1.5m loan facility to small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The loan was availed to the Small to Medium Enterprises Development Corporation (SMEDCO) to forward on to SMEs. SMEDCO was established to champion economic growth by promoting and developing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through […]

The 5 places to get funding for your startup in 2015

Zimbabwe’s alternative stock exchange for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) is yet to be launched but it has already attracted a lot of attention. This is what happens when everyone wants to keep an eye out for the next pool of investors for their business. This time though the talk in the media hasn’t been about […]

Can tech startups raise money from Zimbabwe’s new SME Stock Exchange?

Last week the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) released a draft set of listing requirements for a new (yet to be launched) alternative market for Small and Medium scale enterprises (SMEs). This new Zimbabwe Emerging Enterprise Market (ZEEM) is meant to offer smaller enterprises the chance to list on the local bourse, something that is taken as […]

The true value of mentorship for tech startups

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” That’s one power quote from J Lorren Norris that pretty much sums up the logic behind mentorship – reaching out for guidance from those who have walked the path you intend on taking. For every startup, the story behind that […]