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SMSes may seem like a living fossil, but they were 10% of MNO revenue

SMSes are in many respects a relic from a time before internet based messaging platforms. At one point they were the only means by which text was sent digitally on mobile devices. There are those of a certain age who remember trying to say as much as they could in the 160 characters available. To […]

Google’s RCS Will Make SMSs on Android More Like WhatsApp & iMessage

Google recently decided that they will be rolling out their RCS messaging standard on Android devices (not made by Samsung). RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and it makes your text messaging experience much more similar to what you get when using WhatsApp. That’s a pretty big deal but up until now we hadn’t covered […]

Econet Now Has A Bulk SMS Portal For Businesses

Econet now has a portal that will allow businesses to send bulk SMSs to targeted/potential customers on their own. Econet announced the platform on their Twitter page and from what they are saying you will probably be able to customize many of the features to do with bulk SMSs: Introducing! The Econet Bulk SMS Web […]

Join U-Report And Speak Out About Issues Happening In Your Community

Considering all the alleged abuses that have been taking place over the past few weeks, people in communities where these things are happening might not be able to report these incidents to the police but maybe turning to U-Report might be their last resort. What’s U-Report? As the name suggests, U-report is a free SMS […]

For 5c/Day, Econet Now Let’s Subscribers Access Twitter Via SMS

Econet is introducing a new way for users without smartphones to get a taste of Twitter on their mbudzi’s (feature-phones). The mobile network operator has been sending the following messages to subscribers announcing the Twitter Trends service: Keep up to date with TWITTER! Dial *717*3*1# NOW and receive daily updates of the hottest Twitter trends by […]

How To Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

When Facebook first created its separate Messenger app people were confused but also annoyed: they didn’t want to use a second app to access functionality that was previously available inside the main Facebook app. But Facebook Messenger is a decent messaging app in its own right. And you may not know this but it’s possible […]

Ingenious! Econet Now Enables You To Create Your Own Custom-Made Bundle, Choose How Much To Spend On WhatsApp, SMSs, Data……

Econet has come up with something exciting this afternoon for its Elevate signees. Econet customers signed up on Elevate are now able to create their own bundle.  In other words, you can choose how much you want to spend on your Calls, Data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Essentially you are creating your own custom-made bundle. […]

Are Bank Transaction Alerts An Important Part Of Security?

So in an earlier article I talked about how not to receiving an sms alert whenever I used the FBC Mobile Moola card’s swipe function was a serious security flaw. Needless to say a lot of people felt otherwise. They argued in the comments that while having SMS alerts was a nice feature to have- […]

Netone Sues Afrosoft For Using Their SMS Platform Without Permission

Netone is at loggerheads with AfroSoft Corporation (AfoSoft), prompting the state-owned Mobile Network Operator to sue Afrosoft demanding a staggering $11 million. Afrosoft Holdings is a Zimbabwean software development and IT solutions firm. Here is their tale Nine years ago (2009) Netone signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Afrosoft to develop products for their mutual benefit. […]

Ecocash Push Econet Revenue Growth To $831 Million, 34% Increase

Econet revenues increased to $831,6 million for the year ended February 2018. This reflected an increase of ($209.9 million) 34% relative to the last comparable period.  The increase was propped by Econet’s constant efforts of creating new avenues for revenue through its broadband and media content ventures. The newly created ventures have made Econet adopt […]

You can now play lotto via USSD on your phone

As we progress, our mobile phones increasingly become an important part of our lives. The use we now have for them is amazing. In fact, you should just try and take account of how dependent you are on your mobile phone or simple, just get it stolen ;0 Nonetheless, the idea is; based on how […]

How Econet Ruined My SMS Experience…

Back in the day, that should be way back before most of you were born, SMSes used to be precious – it might be difficult to imagine now… but it’s true. You always knew that receiving an SMS meant one of two things; either you were an important someone to a certain somebody or it […]

U-Report Zimbabwe: Leveraging SMS for research

When we talk about technology these days, we are quick to think of internet related stuff; which is not a bad thing, except only that it somehow limits our imagination. Some of us (which often feels like all of us), have moved away from the SMSs, but you will be shocked to know that it’s […]

Does SMS still have any value?

As the access to the internet increase and more and more people switching towards using ‘over the top’ services such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook the old means of communication called SMS may slowly be losing its appeal. Having appeared on mobile devices as far back as the 1980s, the communication medium though having taken […]

Zimbabwean startups need to decide to either follow tech or the market

Most tech startups and techies in general, believe that the world is as tech literate as they are and the solutions they provide seem to miss this point.

Econet now has its own USSD News service

It could be mere coincidence that as Econet introduces a content account disrupting the Zimpapers mobile news service, a new USSD based news platform is launched. However, some would speculate that Econet in fact benefited from the confusion by bringing in their own, or a new player in the SMS News VAS.

All bets are on mobile money & data as SMS declines and telecoms shifts

Numbers don’t lie, especially in business, and when the right sort of numbers are going up it becomes a celebrated truth. From the surface the Zimbabwean mobile telecoms scene is in pretty great shape. In a conclusion to the quarterly performance report POTRAZ, the industry regulator, spelled out how the third quarter of 2014 noticed a […]

5 features that could make WhatsApp even better

Technology is extending our reach in ways that we never thought possible, boundaries be damned. In a way, we’ve grown to understand that talking to the next person no longer involves traveling through distances. It’s just a call, text or WhatsApp away. It’s no doubt WhatsApp is a part of this change. It has won […]

The death of the postman

When I was a young man in our rural home there were only two households with landline phones. These doubled as phone shops and people would queue for hours to make brief calls over poor lines that buzzed like bees due to static. If you think today’s mobile operators are ripping you off then you […]

Of singing beans, SPAM and bills

Beans don’t yet sing or pay bills (sorry Jack and the Beanstalk fans). This is just an advocacy article, hoping to stop SMS and email messages that are unnecessary. Why is this an issue? Read on… At half one in the morning, you have just come from watching Spain crash out of the World Cup. […]

How an App & SMS can help end ZESA load shedding

Today most of the African continent is in pitch black darkness. literally! The Zimbabwean government, like a number of other African governments, has not – for one brilliant reason or the other – invested in new electricity generation capacity. To put this into perspective, in 2014, 13 million Zimbabweans will rely on generation capacity that […]

Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications predictions for 2014

Deloitte has releases its annual Techonology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) predictions for 2014. The annual TMT report started back in 2001 and this years’ predictions are dominated by mobile devices. Here’s a look at the key predictions. Big five to exceed USD $750 billion in sales Deloitte expects global combined sales of smartphones, tablets, PCs, […]

Telecel introduces a too-many SMSs promo to encourage people to text more

One day in the future, that we ever paid 9 cents to send 160 characters of SMS text will just be a total joke. SMS needs to die. Has needed to for a while now but refuses to yield somehow. Thanks to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, BBM and other such internet apps though, millions of people […]

Techzim’s most popular tech questions and answers in 2012

When we started Techzim Answers, it was after recognizing that people came to the site not just for tech updates but to find answers as well. Some are looking for the best internet provider, some just want to know how to use an App, and others want our opinion on a tech decision they’re about to take.

biNu adds EcoCash to its credits payment options

In a story title “More problems for regular SMS: biNu credits now available locally” that we posted here a few weeks ago, we expressed our delight that biNu credits were now available locally. The Australian based company (which now has representatives locally) had just announced that its 200,000 Zimbabwean users could now buy its platform’s currency at Easi and YoTime

Facebook takes on WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, WeChat and their friends

The news of the day yesterday was that Facebook is looking to buy WhatsApp, and today, well the angle has changed a bit; Facebook is building, and has launched what really looks like its own WhatsApp. A brief post on Facebook’s news page today announced the introduction of “A New Way to Sign Up for Messenger for Android”

More problems for regular SMS: biNu credits now available locally

SMS as we know it today, or rather as mobile network operators abuse it today, needs to go away. It’s so damn expensive. US 9 cents just to send 140 characters is undoubtedly the most costly means to communicate electronically today. And thankfully it is going away.

How Transparency Int is using SMS to fight corruption in Zimbabwe

Last week, Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI-Z), launched an Interactive SMS Platform to help Zimbabweans report corruption activities in the country. Witnesses and victims of corruption will be able to send SMSs to the platform to report such cases as bribery and cheating, says the communication we got from the organisation. Since last week, TI-Z says […]

Press Release: Telecel gives 100% bonus on all scratch cards

Telecel customers now receive 100 percent bonus airtime whenever they use a scratch card or electronic voucher to load airtime, no matter what denomination card they use. They also receive free SMSs whenever they load airtime worth $2.00 or more. The bonus on-net airtime and SMSs were introduced today (Friday) in a new promotion dubbed […]

Now you can get the Zimbabwean passport form online

Yesterday, a report in the state run daily The Herald, reported that the Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede announced the availability of Zimbabwean passport application forms on his department’s website. Though the website was offline for most of yesterday, the website is up now and the application form can be accessed. The website also has other information […]