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Nigerian Government Considering Social Media Regulation

World governments have a pretty complex relationship with tech giants and social media companies right now. The Nigerian government is among nations looking at a way of making social media better. The government is reportedly considering ways to “sanitise” social media. Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture was quoted as saying the time was right […]

Political Uncertainty In Zimbabwe. How To Stay Informed…

Over the last week, there has been quite a lot of news surrounding the political situation in Zimbabwe. WhatsApp groups have been in overdrive, as people hit the forward button on any and every message received, many-a-time without even verifying the contents of these messages. As there is an unprecedented amount of coverage on Zimbabwe […]

American Citizen Martha O’Donovan’s Bail Hearing Postponed To Thursday

The bail hearing of Martha O’Donovan, the United States of America citizen has been postponed to Thursday 9 November 2017, after the State applied for the postponement due to them “not being ready”. The matter is in the case of State vs Martha O’Donovan, where she is being charged with “Subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a […]

EXCLUSIVE: US Embassy Speaks On O’Donovan’s Arrest…

The US Embassy this morning responded to questions sent to them in regards to the arrest of Martha O’Donovan in the matter where the Zimbabwean Government is alleging that she denigrated the President of Zimbabwe through a tweet and was “subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional […]

Here is what social media regulation will probably look like in Zimbabwe

We recently looked at whether there is a fake news problem on social media, on WhatsApp especially and the evidence suggests the affirmative. That fake news problem was also noticed by the Zimbabwean government which responded by working on a Computer Crimes and Cyber Crimes Bill as well as creating a Ministry of Cyber Security, […]

Is there a fake news problem on social media, WhatsApp especially?

Zimbabweans have taken to social media like moths to flame. Whether it is the enhanced communication social media provides (video, audio, emoji, text) or the lower cost compared to other forms of communication, or both, people like what these platforms offer. As with all platforms where millions congregate, there is opportunity to scam some, cause […]

Video: This is not about cybersecurity, it’s about social media clampdown

The government of Zimbabwe has confirmed that Chinamasa’s new job is to monitor and clampdown on social media abuse. The government says it there are “rats causing mischief” on social media and their days are numbered. Patrick Chinamasa was appointed the minister in charge of the new ministry of Cybersecurity, Threat Detection and Mitigation. While […]

The Cyber Security minister Chinamasa has five Facebook accounts, all not his

Hon Patrick Antony Chinamasa, the outgoing Finance Minister was just reappointed as the new Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. As he takes on this role in this newly created ministry the nation looks on, clueless as to what his role will be but hoping he will do that job well. As the […]

What is the role of Cyber Security Minister Chinamasa?

As you may know now there was a cabinet reshuffle yesterday and a new ministry popped up. The Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. The minister being outgoing Finance minister Patrick Antony Chinamasa. As this news broke, jokes were made that Chinamasa is now the WhatsApp group admin for Zimbabwe. Memes popped up […]

President Mugabe says Zim and SA should work together to curb social media abuse and other cyber-crimes

Last month in Zimbabwe messages of doom spread on WhatsApp, a popular social media application in the country. The messages foretold an imminent shortage of basic goods in the country and in response Zimbabweans rushed in droves to stock up. This led to an artificial and temporary shortage of goods like cooking oil which in […]

Econet reveals how Zimbabwean government considers affordable internet access a political threat

These internet blackouts were widely believed to have been a result of a directive from the State which was trying to contain political unrest by limiting communication. The government denied these claims.

The Gambia joins Africa’s politically inspired internet censorship club – here’s why Zimbabwe could be next

It’s clearly being viewed as a strategic way to quash expression or control communication in one way or the other. As Zimbabwe gears up for its own election season in 2018, it’s hard to not imagine that our government could explore the same strategy if “things” got out of hand.

Here’s POTRAZ’s clarification on the false “communications blackout in Zimbabwe” message

POTRAZ Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has dismissed a false message that had claimed that the country would experience a nationwide communications blackout. The message, which has been circulating on social media was purportedly from POTRAZ. In response, the regulator has issued this statement to clarify things. We have noted with concern that there has been an […]

Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for abusive content, plus how to report tweets and accounts

Twitter has suspended 360,000 accounts for violating its prohibitions on violent threats and promotion of terrorism over the past year. The move is in line with its  public policy that aims to combat any subversive content. According to their official blog statement, daily suspensions have surged by 80% , with a significant rise suspensions occurring after terrorist […]

Zimbabwean government issues more warnings against social media abuse, singles out “diaspora cyber terrorists”

The statements from the Minister follow a string of other warnings against social media abuse issued by the government over the past month and a half. Zimbabwe has experienced an upsurge in online civic engagement and political activism popularised by campaigns like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.

Zimbabwean opposition party spokesperson charged for responding to a tweet

Jealousy Mawarire, the spokesperson for Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), an opposition political party, has been charged with contravening section 88(b) of the Postal And Telecommunications Act for a tweet he made in response to the Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo’s attacks on ZPF leader Joice Mujuru.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft Computer crime and Cybercrime Bill

For those citizens who want to understand this piece of legislation and hopefully contribute to its development, or anyone interested in what it actually says on cyber terrorists, phone seizure, extradition and you can download it here.

Please note, Zimbabwe’s Cybercrime bill is not yet law and you can still contribute to it

The important thing to note though is that this bill is still a draft and not yet law. The Ministry of ICT which is supposed to present this bill to the Parliament of Zimbabwe is still gathering contributions from all stakeholders before it is presented to the legislature.

Interview – Supa Mandiwanzira clarifies Zimbabwe’s position on social media regulation, responds to corruption allegations

In a recent interview on local radio station Star FM, Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe’s minister of ICT spoke about how there wouldn’t be any social media regulation unless the need arose – referencing cases of social media abuse that included revenge porn and the encouragement of civil unrest.

Government warns Zimbabweans on use of social media

The Zimbabwean government has warned citizens who use social media to promote civil unrest, despondency and violence that they will be arrested and dealt with.