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Tag: Social Media and Digital Media

Digital Transformation Lessons from Covid-19 Crisis

Covid-19 caught us all by surprise and the business world is one of its main casualties. It’s no secret that the world is changing and we are now rapidly learning the importance of the digital transformation. The markets have never dropped as quickly as they have in the past month since the Great Depression with […]

WhatsApp hoax messages give organisations reason to invest in digital

WhatsApp is being used for recruitment scams that falsely call for applications for jobs at organisations. The Air Force of Zimbabwe is the most recent organisation sucked into this. All this shows the areas that need improvement for these organisations, with social media communication being one of them.

F8 2015 – The Facebook Developer Conference: What can we expect?

Another tech giant has a huge event lined up, this time its Facebook Developer Conference. The livestream is moments away (you can catch it here) and be sucked into the excitement. But why the excitement though? Isn’t Facebook turning into an afterthought in social media? The reality is that The Social Network has turned into something more […]

Cheap data, dynamic regulation & sharing: What should shape our Digital Future?

Sharing is caring. It’s not just a kindergarten mantra anymore, it is the underlying sentiment in local telecoms and has been put at the centre of a future for data services in Zimbabwe. We are talking about infrastructure sharing here. This is the catch phrase that the Ministry of ICT has been brandishing for a while […]

Digital Future has entered Day Two. You can catch it live here

The Digital Future Conference has entered its second and final day. Just like yesterday, there will be an unpacking of value in digital media and broadcasting. We have made it possible to keep track of everything going on with the live streaming link available here. You can catch the keynote presentation on Monetising Digital Content […]

As Channel O closes, the opportunity for good quality local content is highlighted

Nothing lasts forever, especially on TV. Who would have thought that something that had become a permanent feature of sorts, Channel O Africa, would be calling it a day at the end of this month. For us in Southern Africa, this doesn’t concern us directly. What’s being cut off is the feed for the rest […]

What’s up with Twitter and its fascination with the Cricket World Cup?

  A shout out to the Zimbabwe Cricket team for their victory over the UAE at the Cricket World Cup. National pride is sweeter these days where one story is retold a million times on the internet. Like a lot of other unlucky cricket fans, I didn’t get a chance to watch the match and […]

Customer service meets digital through social media

I was recently invited to present a paper on customer service in the digital era at a conference that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. I focused on how brands can effectively utilise digital tools in the delivery of great customer service. Customer service has emerged as the key differential in the extremely competitive environment […]

TV Yangu nominated for 2014 Social Media Awards Africa, seeks votes from community

Local Video On Demand startup TV Yangu was recently nominated for the 2014 Social Media Awards Africa. TV Yangu works as a video service that aggregates afro-centric content from Zimbabwe and other countries. The Social Media Awards Africa identify noteworthy contributions in social media and digital media with contestants drawn from throughout the continent. They are […]