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People Living In Chad Haven’t Had Access To Social Media For A Year Now

Earlier this year our government shut down the internet to stifle protests and when the internet was restored the government the government made sure that we still didn’t have our beloved social media platforms to communicate. This was the case for a couple of days but then order was later restored and Zimbos have been chatting […]

President Mnangagwa Posts On Social Media Saying We Have Right To Free Speech When Social Media Is Blocked By His Government

President Mnangagwa posted on Facebook and Twitter from Russia saying he is saddened by reports of violence back home. He said everyone in Zimbabwe has the right to freely speak out and to criticise. ‘It’s ironic that he would say that and more so that he said so on social media when the platforms are […]

Here’s List Of Websites Blocked In Zimbabwe In Fear Of Protests, Includes Dating Sites!

So protests and stay aways are a very fearful thing it seems. Our paranoid government has blocked all websites they can think of that allow people to share information. The list even includes dating websites and platforms like Tinder! Here’s the list: There are probably more websites that are not on this list. WhatsApp appears […]

Here’s POTRAZ’s clarification on the false “communications blackout in Zimbabwe” message

POTRAZ Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has dismissed a false message that had claimed that the country would experience a nationwide communications blackout. The message, which has been circulating on social media was purportedly from POTRAZ. In response, the regulator has issued this statement to clarify things. We have noted with concern that there has been an […]