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Econet’s Social Media & SMS Bundles Go Up Again: $3 For 75 SMS’

Econet recently raised the prices for its data bundles and as is usually the case SMS bundles and social media bundles also saw price increments. Your weekly SMS will now cost you the following: $3 for 75 SMS’ $4 for 125 SMS’ $5 for 200 SMS’ This is a far cry from the pricing four […]

What’s All This Fuss About Net Neutrality And What Does The US Ruling Mean For Us

Have you been seeing all the talk about net neutrality all over the internet and wondering what it is all about? Yes? Then you have come to the right place. I would strongly suggest you read a previous article we published on the issue first. Click here. Net neutrality has been topical because the FCC […]

NetOne Social Media Bundle Prices Increase

Seems NetOne did more than just introduce the $3 OneFusion package over the weekend. They also revised their social media packages. The new NetOne social media packages are as follows: 30MB valid for 24hours cost $0.30 (compared to the initial price of $0.27 for 27MB) 100MB valid for 7 days cost $1.00 (compared to the […]

Government says Zimbabwe lost US$26 million to WhatsApp, Facebook & Over the Top services

The government has put a price on the “WhatsApp effect”. According to the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe lost US$26 million in less than a year. In a recent hearing with Parliament, the Minister shared information on how much Zimbabwean mobile voice traffic had declined because of over the top (OTT) services (services that work […]

NetOne increases data on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles – here’s a comparison with competitors’ offers

NetOne the Zimbabwean mobile network operator has revised its bundled mobile data packages, reintroducing daily bundles and setting data caps on all its social media offerings. The changes didn’t just end there, though. NetOne also marginally increased data limits on its WhatsApp and Facebook bundles, something that could help subscribers stretch the value that they get […]

Looking for the best WhatsApp & Facebook deal? – here’s a comparison of Econet, NetOne & Telecel bundles

The cost of mobile data in Zimbabwe might have been recently reversed after a huge outcry from the public, but that doesn’t change the fact that the cost of staying connected is still prohibitive for a lot of people. Which is why social media bundles are such a hit. These packages provided by all three […]

NetOne quietly introduces data caps on its unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook bundles

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator also made adjustments to its own broadband lineup. It recently placed data caps on its social media bundles. This means that daily, weekly and monthly bundles for Over the Top services like Facebook and WhatsApp now have a data limit on them. Daily bundles have a 20 MB cap, […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms products compared – Here’s what $10 gets you on Econet, NetOne and Telecel

When it comes to what you get for each dollar, though, it’s pretty straightforward. There are different products on the market from all three mobile operators and we’ve created a snapshot of what US$10 gets you over one month from Econet, NetOne and Telecel in 2017.

NetOne launches OneFusion, a comprehensive prepaid package with loyalty bonuses

The service gives subscribers a comprehensive plan that has bundles for on-net and off net minutes, data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles and international minutes (for some of the plans).

WhatsApp, Facebook emerge as kingmakers as social media becomes Zimbabwean political tool

WhatsApp does, however, offer a more interesting case for politics. Besides its huge popularity among Zimbabwean internet users, it also has a host of features that make it a prime tool for political use.

Econet introduces international voice bundles, faces competition from broadband alternatives

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless recently introduced International Voice Bundles which offer a discount on international voice call tariffs.

NetOne places a data cap on its social media bundles

NetOne has effected a data cap on its social media bundles, meaning that the access windows for each of the bundles bought don’t give subscribers unlimited access to the respective platforms during that period.

WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook & every other reason why people aren’t calling home

Something that is contributing to this is the falling international traffic. It’s been noted for fixed network traffic, where, despite a slight increase during the third quarter of 2014, the incoming voice calls have been on a downward trend. Leading up to the end of the second quarter of 2015, this traffic fell by 2.8% to end at 11,854,199 minutes.

A week in rural Zimbabwe

The elders proudly explained how their young sons and daughters had not abandoned them. During each holiday the “children” come to visit and they come bearing gifts of smartphones and solar panels. They spend days tutoring their parents and grandparents on how to use technologies like WhatsApp and Facebook so that when they go back to town they can keep in touch.

Telecel introduces $2 Twitter bundles

Telecel has introduced Twitter bundles as part of the social media bundles segment which gives access to the platform for a set period.They are priced at 60 cents for a week’s access and $2 for a monthly subscription and are available on the *480# menu.

Econet throws subscribers another bone, reverts to old Bundle of Joy rates

Econet has adjusted its Bundles of Joy package and reverted back to a $1 for 10 minutes offering. This is a welcome development even though it seems like Econet is trying to curry favour with subscribers after doubling social media bundles and experiencing a slip in revenues.