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[Video] Zim’s Decade Of Social Media (2009-2019)

Ever wondered what Zimbabweans were doing on the internet the past 10 years? Well here is a visual of how social media tastes of Zimbabweans has changed over 10 years. If you have any stats you like to see presented in this format do let us know in the comments. Enjoy. Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

Zororo Makamba Dies Of COVID 19, Zimbabwe’s Health Minister’s Lies And The Danger

On Saturday the Minister of Health confirmed that there were two new confirmed COVID 19 cases in Zimbabwe. Other sources were saying there were actually two new cases bringing the total confirmed cases to 3. Word started spreading on social media that one of the two new cases was Zororo Makamba a media personality and […]

Crisis Communication Is Not Just For Corporates: The Zimbabwe Gender Commission’s Missed Opportunity

NB: This article was written before yesterday when the ZGC issued a fuller statement about the alleged dress code mooted to curb sexual harassment in tertiary students in Zimbabwean universities, You can read their full report here. A few years ago, I wrote an article bemoaning the public relations response of Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications […]

Please Help Us Understand How People Use WhatsApp Groups. Thanks…

Hey, it’s amazing to us that there are over a billion WhatsApp groups out there. A few years ago there was a popular saying on the streets: handiite zvema group (I don’t do groups). It looks like the opposite is true: tinoita zvema group, tozviita rough. We have put together a questionnaire in an effort […]

Here’s how Zimbabwean brands (& individuals) can get their Twitter accounts verified

As social media increasingly becomes an important way to communicate vital information all serious brands need to consider this option. The fact that Twitter opened this up ought to get more entities to verify their accounts so that they share the real information that clears some false communication.

Zimbabwean Government won’t ban social media but it will penalise those who abuse it

The Zimbabwean government has no intentions of banning social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, but it will be actively involved in regulating their use by penalising those who abuse such platforms.