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Social Media Marketing App, Spredr Business, Will Allow You To Make Money On Social Media

So a few weeks ago, I played around with Spredr, a social media marketing application and in my short review I remember mentioning the one drawback that app had: Right now there are only two things you can promote. The Spredr App and EcoLedger which is a pretty cool app. I can see the application […]

Hands On With Zim’s First Social Media Marketing App, Spredr

WhatsApp groups have always been a great source of information and I was pretty sceptical when I came across Speedr. When I initially heard of what the app does I wasn’t even going to take a look at it but the moment I realised that it’s actually made by Zimbos, I had to take it […]

Social Media Influencers Can Get As Much As $30 000 For A Single Post! Even Pets Are Getting In On The Action

The culture of ‘social media influencers’ has not really extended to Zimbabwe yet. Of course people go on social media and they have people who influence their taste or actions and what not but I don’t think there are many Zimbos (within Zimbabwe) who are leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to […]

Why Zimbabwean brands should explore the Instagram opportunity

Instagram is one platform that exemplifies that. Its use of imagery and video to capture moments has helped it create its own separate avenue for expression. As is the case with other social media platforms advertisers and brand specialist have exploited that.

WhatsApp doubles group participants limit

While some of us still coming to terms with the fact that WhatsApp has started telling you who is quick to read your messages and who isn’t, the IM platform has made another update to its service. This time its all about group messaging. The limit of participants in groups has been doubled from 50 […]

How to win a year’s worth of air tickets with a Zvirikuflaya video

The last time we spoke about budget airline FlyAfrica, we were remarking on the pricing that had floored competition and sounded too good to be true at $9 a flight. This time the country’s cheapest airline has caught people’s attention thanks to a very creative marketing strategy which it is rolling out on social media […]

How Google+ will improve the visibility of your digital assets

  It is often punted that Facebook is a universe and other social networking platforms are just planets living in it. This might seem to be an indisputable truism as the numbers back it up. However, considered in isolation, the figures alone are a wrong determinant of the efficacy of a social networking platform. Other much smaller platforms provide […]

Emotional branding – A love affair between consumers and brands

  I recently carried out a survey of newspaper advertisements and i was shocked to learn that the majority are solely based on unsentimental logic and product specifications that do very little to tap into the power of consumers’ emotions. Upon reflection, I also realised that the marketing communication put out by a number of […]

Meet The Three Musketeers of social media

Social advertising has become the darling of many brands across a spectrum of industries. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, social media is on an explosive growth curve and provide marketers with a triumvirate of benefits which are: Reach Relevance Relationships Reach: Social media is currently the number one online activity, having overtaken emails. Membership […]

How I got my number banned from WhatsApp

Yes, I once got my WhatsApp number banned. Right here in Zimbabwe! When watching Fear Factor, 1000 ways to die or some other dare-devil movie, usually they state clearly: “don’t try this at home”. Somehow I didn’t take that to heed and went for a whole 6 months without being able to communicate with the […]

Four critical social media marketing trends every marketer must know

Social media marketing is an ever evolving discipline and it is unsurprising that quite a number of new and useful trends surface now and again. These new ways of conducting social media marketing unlock immense value to companies. However, to make a multi-spoked social media strategy work, marketers should look beyond maintaining a mere presence […]

Keep your social media marketing campaigns on track via SWOT analysis

I recently finished reading a whitepaper on the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis in digital marketing and thought it would be good to share its highlights. One of your key responsibilities as a social media marketer is to ensure that your campaigns are on track and a SWOT analysis on a regular basis represents […]

Social media: Platforms are not as important as knowing the audience

Many brands have finally caught the buzz and have adopted social media marketing in one form or the other. However, many of them have also fallen into the trap of assuming that social media is all about knowing how to use the different platforms. Whilst mastery of social media channels is very important, unfortunately it […]

#GetSocial 2014: The A to Z of social media marketing in Zimbabwe

Every company or organisation craves for a strong brand awareness and in this 21st century,  social media is increasingly becoming the do it. The problem however is in knowing what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of truths on social media and its dynamics, and while we can’t lay it all out in […]

Digital and social media marketing: What are the opportunities?

The roll out of affordable data products by service providers in Zimbabwe and the increasing number of people using internet-ready devices has created a massive online audience that brands should take advantage of in order to cost-effectively build awareness of their products or services and grow their market share as well. However, it is important […]