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As Adele’s Hello inspires artists, it highlights strategy for creating a global brand

While the whole world shares Hello, a portion of those listeners and viewers will also tune into artists like Taps. With their talent and the right online presence, this attention can turn into opportunities for even bigger things.

WhatsApp hoax messages give organisations reason to invest in digital

WhatsApp is being used for recruitment scams that falsely call for applications for jobs at organisations. The Air Force of Zimbabwe is the most recent organisation sucked into this. All this shows the areas that need improvement for these organisations, with social media communication being one of them.

Understanding brand building through digital and social media in Africa

Can any brand and any type of product grow with a digital-first approach? It’s a fair question now that more and more people are trying to work with lean budgets and relying on social media and digital promotion to do so. The answer to that is situational at best. No single brand building strategy has […]

Digital Future Conference in pictures

The highlight of the Zimbabwean digital media calendar was the Digital Future Conference which took place earlier this week. A lot of what happened at the two-day meeting has been shared through video, social media and articles. You can still watch some of the discussions and presentations by following the links in this article. Here […]

Customer service meets digital through social media

I was recently invited to present a paper on customer service in the digital era at a conference that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. I focused on how brands can effectively utilise digital tools in the delivery of great customer service. Customer service has emerged as the key differential in the extremely competitive environment […]

Technology and music: making a profit after the disruption

Managing any business has more than its fair set of challenges even if the formula for getting it going seems simple. You’re supposed to identify a need, create a solution/product and pass it on to the customer who will pay for it. But what happens when the customer doesn’t have to pay to get the […]

#Tweet4Free: looks like the Econet free Twitter promo is being extended again

After four months of free Tweeting the Econet free Twitter promotion extended to all Econet  subscribers is set to come to an end on the 20th of November, tomorrow. Judging from the #Tweet4Free trend that Econet has started on Twitter to gauge interest in the promotion, it doesn’t look like free Tweeting is going away […]

How to win a year’s worth of air tickets with a Zvirikuflaya video

The last time we spoke about budget airline FlyAfrica, we were remarking on the pricing that had floored competition and sounded too good to be true at $9 a flight. This time the country’s cheapest airline has caught people’s attention thanks to a very creative marketing strategy which it is rolling out on social media […]

How Google+ will improve the visibility of your digital assets

  It is often punted that Facebook is a universe and other social networking platforms are just planets living in it. This might seem to be an indisputable truism as the numbers back it up. However, considered in isolation, the figures alone are a wrong determinant of the efficacy of a social networking platform. Other much smaller platforms provide […]

Ten tips for social media strategy in Zimbabwe and Africa

Social media strategy is not a myth in brand building and the creation of an online presence, its a reality. While this hasn’t quite sunk in for everyone who needs to use social media, it’s always encouraging to come across entities that place a lot of value on it. Local advertising agency TBWA Zimbabwe is […]

Is there Ebola in Zimbabwe?

The threat of Ebola is real, something that explains the panic that grips anyone who thinks its in their backyard. Luckily the virus hasn’t made its way into Zimbabwe, but some people had taken to social media to say otherwise. There was a WhatsApp message that was circulating yesterday that was warning people in Harare […]

Meet The Three Musketeers of social media

Social advertising has become the darling of many brands across a spectrum of industries. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, social media is on an explosive growth curve and provide marketers with a triumvirate of benefits which are: Reach Relevance Relationships Reach: Social media is currently the number one online activity, having overtaken emails. Membership […]

Tips on how to handle negative feedback on social media

Negative feedback from customers has been part of the business landscape since time immemorial. What is just different now is the velocity and visibility of complaints as a result of the pervasiveness of social media usage. Jade Furubayashi of Simply Measured puts it across in a succinct manner.  He observed that “as hard as you […]

Three key factors for achieving social media success

Outbound marketing is in the intensive care unit and it has already been declared dead in some quarters. This is largely due to the rise in appropriateness of inbound marketing techniques as brands reach out and connect with their always on social media savvy consumers. So what are some of the success secrets that brands […]

Four critical social media marketing trends every marketer must know

Social media marketing is an ever evolving discipline and it is unsurprising that quite a number of new and useful trends surface now and again. These new ways of conducting social media marketing unlock immense value to companies. However, to make a multi-spoked social media strategy work, marketers should look beyond maintaining a mere presence […]

Keep your social media marketing campaigns on track via SWOT analysis

I recently finished reading a whitepaper on the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis in digital marketing and thought it would be good to share its highlights. One of your key responsibilities as a social media marketer is to ensure that your campaigns are on track and a SWOT analysis on a regular basis represents […]

#GetSocial 2014: The A to Z of social media marketing in Zimbabwe

Every company or organisation craves for a strong brand awareness and in this 21st century,  social media is increasingly becoming the do it. The problem however is in knowing what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of truths on social media and its dynamics, and while we can’t lay it all out in […]

#GetSocial 2014 to address early adopter problems in social media marketing

I remember the time when graphic design was a skill that anyone who knew what could claim to know how. Harare was plastered all over with posters from graphic designers advertising their skill. The majority of these guys knew how to use, say Corel Draw, but were not “skilled” in it. Knowing how was enough […]

Of social media badges and moving with the times

You’ve probably seen it yourself a couple of times; a company (big often) slaps a Facebook badge on its website and print adverts despite the fact that their Facebook page has no activity at all on it. Sometimes the page doesn’t even exist. It’s nothing but a statement to their visitors: We’re moving with the times!