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A report shows Facebook can read your WhatsApp messages

One of WhatsApp’s most touted features is end-to-end encryption. It is often claimed that WhatsApp messages are encrypted at the source and only decrypted once they reach their destination and that Facebook themselves cannot see what you and the person on the other end are talking about. This has put Facebook at odds with various […]

The “it looks like you” virus hits Zimbabwean Facebook accounts

Beware of the “it looks like you” messages making the rounds on Facebook. Someone might be trying to hack your account, so here’s how to stay safe.

Lockdown fatigue being made worse by whirlwind policies

The lockdown was a necessary healthcare measures but the hoops people have to jump through in order to exist within it are needlessly cumbersome.

A case of living by social media: the very public death of Ginimbi

Just as much as Ginimbi lived his life on and for social media, his death has been on every post almost- are we now junkies?

Win US$1K by composing a song for EcoCash

EcoCash is hosting a social media singing competition that will see the winner walk away with US$1000. The song will probably be used for marketing purposes as the entries that will be considered should be themed around living life the EcoCash way. So what do you do, if you want to participate? Follow these steps; […]

ZANU-PF preparing to wage war on social media

ZANU-PF has announced they will be creating provincial social media teams. The duty of these teams according to a Chronicle report will be to “defend the party and government programs on social media.” This is a pretty interesting development and when you consider the party’s image online, it’s surprising ZANU-PF didn’t do this sooner. According […]

Chin’ono & Ngarivhume banned from social media after getting bail

Yesterday, prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume who had been arrested on the 20th of July were finally granted bail. Apart from the $10 000 & $ 50 000 bail, instructions to report to the police 2-3 a week respectively, and surrendering their passports, the two were also banned from using social media. Yuhp, […]

The law does not subscribe to likes and retweets

There’s been a flurry of online campaigns lately to get certain organisations to act in a way that appeases social media. The one that got my particular attention as an entrepreneur is the one against Impala Car Rentals. Word got out that Impala Car Rentals (ICR) rented our a car to individuals who proceeded to […]

You can now limit who replies to your tweets

Earlier this year, Twitter started testing out a feature that allowed users to specify who could reply to their Tweets. After what seems like an eternity the feature is now rolling out to every Twitter user. The feature was supposed to be introduced in Q1 of 2020 but it didn’t meet that deadline. It allows […]

#ZimbabweanLivesMatter trends on Twitter as Zimbabweans take their protest to social media

On the 31st of July Zimbabweans were supposed to take to the streets and protest against bad governance and corruption… The 31st came and went but the streets were empty. Zimbabweans could not protest because the government banned the protests. Why? Well, different government officials said different things. Home affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe said the […]

Why are tech giants racing to clone TikTok in their apps?

What can I say about TikTok that hasn’t been said already? Well, for starters it is the app I’m yet to install and play around with because I’m afraid of yet another social media addiction – Instagram is cocaine to me. Anyway, over the last few days it has emerged that a number of big […]

[Updated] Facebook Launches Program To Help Meet Digital Literacy Needs In Africa

A few days ago, Facebook launched “My Digital World” a programme designed to equip the youth and general public across Sub-Saharan Africa with digital skills needed to navigate the digital world. It will be offered virtually this year to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to equipping young people and the general public across Sub-Saharan Africa with the vital digital skills […]

How Does Your Social Media Activity Affect Employment Chances

Ever imagined something as “silly” as a Facebook comment making you miss out on an important job opportunity? Well, for all you know that could be what’s happening right now as you blame nepotism, witchcraft or your family’s bad luck. Judging from some posts I have seen on social media it is clear that many […]

Video: WhatsApp reacts to RBZ law banning money changing ads on social media

The RBZ through the Financial Intelligence Unit recently issued a directive that makes it illegal for one to advertise their money changing services on social media. This is was the reaction from WhatsApp. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD […]

Twitter Rolling Out Stories/Status Feature: Who Asked For This?

So yesterday, I woke up to an unpleasant surprise. Stories/Statuses on Twitter! The first thing I asked myself when I saw this, is who exactly asked for this and it seems I’m not the only one; Now those are just 3 users and you would assume that some users do actually want the feature which […]

Twitter Reworking How Users Get Envied Verification Badge

Twitter verification is one of those tiny things people usually like to set them apart from “commoners”. Soon you might be able to actually request verification and boost your social standing (it’s kind of funny that the world works this way, but hey I don’t make the rules). Jokes aside though, Twitter is working on […]

Is Twitter The Best Crowdfunding Platform For Zimbabweans Right Now?

I think it’s fair to say crowdfunding in Zimbabwe is pretty difficult if not actually dead. The first problem you encounter when trying to run a crowdfunding campaign be it for business or for donations is that most Zimbos don’t have access to the existing platforms for crowdfunding. Most don’t have foreign currency to donate […]

Facebook Finally Lets You Delete Old Posts in Bulk

Facebook has finally delivered. If there was content you posted years and years ago that is, for a lack of a better word “cringe”. Now you can delete it through Manage Activity. Whether you’re entering the job market after college or moving on from an old relationship, we know things change in people’s lives, and […]

Hash Tag Charity: Companies Abusing Mbambaira/Bread Kid

All my colleagues disagree with me. You my reader will probably disagree with me. That’s OK, my hope is that we can debate this. I saw the excitement on Twitter several days after the kid had trended. If you’re like me and had not seen this before, let me take you through what happened: Enter […]

Twitter Divides User Base With New Feature

Last night, Twitter announced a new feature that will allow users on the social media platform to control who can reply to tweets. The feature will work in a pretty simple way. Before sending out a composed tweet, users will be able to choose who can reply with 3 options available; Everyone, people you follow […]

#EconetMustFall Trends Following Econet’s Latest Data Hike

As you probably know by now, Econet has flexed their trigger finger once again meaning Zimbabweans will have to pay more for mobile data. Price (ZW$) Data allocation (MB) $5.5 20MB $11 40MB $20 80MB $37 150MB $60 250MB $80 600MB $130 1200MB New pricing for daily bundles Data allocation old price new price % increase […]

Twitter Sees Surge In Users Due To Covid-19

A lot of the huge tech companies have seen a bump in usage and consumption induced by the Novel Coronavirus and our staying at home as a result. For Twitter – the surge is usage has resulted in 32 million extra daily users compared to the start of 2019. The 166 million current daily users […]

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Proves There Is Appetite For Local Shows

[Image Source: College Central] Last week, Wadiwa Wepamoyo’s first season came to an end- yuhp, all good things must come to an end. Whilst fans took to Twitter and WhatsApp to ask whether there’ll be a second season for the show, I’ve been more intrigued by how the show can act as the catalyst for […]

Strive Masiyiwa Gets More Interaction Than Zuckerberg & Bill Gates On Facebook

Recently published data from analytics company Crowd Tangle shows just how popular Econet Wireless Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa is compared to other business leaders on Facebook No other business leader gets as many interactions Because Mr Masiyiwa is constantly posting and interacting with his followers on the social media platform he ranks first for interactions […]

Facebook Expands Coronavirus Info Center To More Countries In Africa Including Zim

Facebook is expanding its Coronavirus Information Center to 24 more countries in Africa -including Zimbabwe- as part of its ongoing commitment to empowering people around the world with timely and accurate news from trusted health authorities. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center is featured at the top of News Feed and provides a central place for people to keep informed about the […]

Man Behind Fake Lockdown Claims To Appear Before Courts

Last week, President Mnangagwa spoke to ZBC about fake news and the consequences of sharing misinformation during the COVID-19 lockdown. In the interview, the President made it clear that one individual who circulated a fake document – which made it seem as if the President had extended the lockdown- was being looked for by local […]

Zim Social Media Users Fall Under 1M As Cost Of Data & Electricity Woes Become Clearer

We Are Social’s Digital Report on Zimbabwe is pretty telling of just how impactful the floundering Zim economy on Zimbos usage Even before statistics started coming in from the likes of POTRAZ – data usage is on the decline, I think the assumption for most was that we’re using the internet less because of two […]

Why Did Zim’s Ministry Of Information Twitter Account Get Suspended?

Zimbabwe’s official Ministry of Information Twitter account got suspended at the end of March and without the Ministry of Information speaking on it it’s been pretty difficult to know what exactly is the reason behind that suspension. Why was the account suspended? Twitter accounts can be suspended on the following grounds; Spam – If the […]

A List Of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation You Should Avoid & Never Spread

This is a list of the most popular conspiracy theories making the rounds regarding the Coronavirus. We’ve made this list and will continue to update it because people continue sharing falsehoods in relation to Coronavirus. Please share this with your loved ones and remember before sharing any theories you hear regarding the virus (and other […]