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Chief Charumbira Calls For Measures To Control Fake Social Media Accounts

Another day, another politician complaining about social media and its impact. Chief Fortune Charumbira asked Deputy information minister, Energy Mutodi what the government is doing in response to fake social media accounts. The question was asked in the Senate as Charumbira said he was a victim of these fake accounts, with a fake account created […]

From December WhatsApp Will Take Legal Action On Those Guilty Of Bulk-Messaging

WhatsApp is taking the issue of bulk-messaging and non-personal use of their platform pretty seriously as a post in their FAQ section explains that the company will start taking legal action towards users who send bulk messages on December 7, 2019. We are committed to reinforcing the private nature of our platform and keeping users […]

WhatsApp Adds “Share To Facebook” Option

WhatsApp has added a “Share to Facebook” function that I’m finding a bit baffling (in its current form) if I’m 100% honest with you. The feature allows you to long press on a message and share the message to Facebook. It’s not exactly clear to me what the point of this is but it’s already […]

Twitter Says They Are Going To “Fix” Their Platform For 1000th Time… Don’t Hold Your Breath

It seems like every year, a high-ranking executive from Twitter comes out and says that they acknowledge that Twitter has some serious problems when it comes to abuse. They then promise that they are working on a fix and nothing really changes. The 2019 version of that promise is here; twttr – A prototype app […]

Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 3 Becomes Most-Tweeted TV Episode In History

The third episode of Game of Thrones made a lot of waves in the early hours and the rest of Monday. So much so that the episode became the most tweeted about scripted TV episode in history. I can only imagine how frustrating being on Twitter was if you a) don’t watch the show b) […]

Global Report: There Are 1.2 Million Zimbabweans On Social Media

If data from We Are Social and Hootsuite is to be taken at face value, the number of active social media subscribers grew by 20% from 0.88 million users in 2018 to 1.2 million this year. That’s an interesting number, but it seems pretty low and only makes up 7% of Zimbos. Of this 1.2 […]

WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook Are All Down

If you’re having trouble sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp, you’re not the only one. WhatsApp along with Instagram and Facebook are all not working right now. The Facebook-owned services have all bee down for more than hour and Facebook is attributing this problem to a “server configuration change”. The issues seem to have started […]

UK Decides To Regulate Social Networks

The regulation of social media has been a topical and polarizing issue over the past few months. Some think it’s absolutely necessary whilst others are against such a move. This polarization hasn’t stopped the UK’s government from deciding that some form of regulation is necessary to hold accountable for the spread of “online harms,” like […]

Econet Removes Twitter Data From WhatsApp Bundles According To Their Twitter Support

Econet’s bundles have gotten less appealing overnight as there were some adjustments made by the mobile network operator. Unfortunately the adjustments were made silently and it now appears as if Econet is trying to pull a fast one on its customers. If we are to believe the company’s Twitter account. This issue came to my […]

YouTube Finally Lets Users Outside Of The US Multitask While Watching Videos

Picture in Picture mode is pretty convenient and if you’ve used it in apps such as Netflix, WhatsApp you will know how neccesary it is for YouTube to add the feature. Picture in Picture is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. It lets the user watch a video in a […]

WWE’s Wrestling YouTube Channel The Second Most Viewed Channel In The World

That headline may come as a surprise to many of you as it did to me. I used to watch a lot of wrestling but I just eventually grew disinterested as many of us do. The side of the story which is rarely explored however is the fact that regardless of how many of us […]

Snapchat To Introduce Games & Original Programs

Snapchat recently held their Partner Summit and they announced that they would be making games available within the Snapchat application. Along with games there will be other non-game related additions coming to the social media platform. Snap games will be multiplayer titles you can play with your Snapchat friends and there will be 6 games […]

George Charamba MUST Comment On Social Media Role In Cyclone Idai Relief

The long serving spokesperson to the president who has served two presidents has quite the low opinion of social media. He has blamed social media for a number of things in the last couple of years. He loves to give these smirky, ‘clever’ and dismissive comments about the technology. War on social media Charamba once […]

Is Pinterest Still The Second Most Popular Social Media Website In Zimbabwe?

Back in 2015, we came upon the discovery that Pinterest was the second most popular social network in Zimbabwe. This was quite shocking because this was shortly after Econet’s Free Twitter campaign that had made the social media platform pretty popular. Four years later Pinterest is still the second most popular social media platform in […]

YouTube To Give Users “Fact-Checks” When They Search On Sensitive Topics

Fake news is still a huge problem and many internet giants are still trying to figure out how they can tackle that issue. YouTube has chimed in with its own solution and soon the video-sharing platform will mark videos that are suspected of inaccuracies. According to Buzzfeed, the site will show “information panels — boxes […]

WhatsApp Have Their Own Set Of Tips For Spotting Fake News

One thing that becomes clear when discussing anything to do with WhatsApp and Fake News on the platform is the simple fact that many users simply don’t know how to separate what’s real from what is fake. The number of times I’ve been asked that question has actually gotten irritating but it really is a […]

WhatsApp Outlines How To Responsibly Use Their App

WhatsApp is a topical application. For all the benefits it brings to us – i.e faster and less expensive communication- there are a number of issues that have arisen. The biggest problem is fake news but there are some other side effects such as addiction and negative effects on human relationships. WhatsApp has a section […]

5 Tips to Use for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is among the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It has enhanced communication in so many ways, and has had a positive impact on businesses. Since the inception of WhatsApp business, there’s a lot to get from it as a business owner, but first, you must know how to use it. Here […]

Customer Publicly Told Account Balance On Social Media, City Of Harare Officials Need Training

Service providers have never been as accessible as they are now with the help of social media. They are not always prepared for continuous and real time engagement with customers though. Some ignore you for days whilst others immediately respond telling you such gibberish it would just be the same if they had ignored. City […]

Facebook: 8 Ways We Are Preparing For Elections In Africa

We want to share an update on our work to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement across the continent With a number of upcoming elections across Africa, we want to share an update on our work to reduce the spread of misinformation, protect election integrity and support civic engagement […]

EU: Facebook & Twitter Have Gotten Better At Removing Hate Speech

Though one might not be able to tell by just glancing at the two social media sites; Twitter and Facebook have apparently improved how quickly they remove hate speech from their platforms. The improvement is sizeable as well. A report released by the European Commission states that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are removing 72% of hate-speech […]

Twitter CEO Considering How An “Edit Tweet” Feature Would Work

Time and time again we’ve heard people request and cry out for an edit tweet feature. Why? Well, unlike Facebook or Instagram where you can edit your status/captions once you’ve posted, on Twitter a touch is a move. This means that once you’ve tweeted something if there’s a grammatical error or a spelling mistake, you […]

Econet’s Twitter Trends Service Feels Like An Uninformative Cash-Grab

A few days ago, Econet started promoting their new service -Twitter Trends. The SMS based service seems targeted at people who aren’t on Twitter or are using feature-phones. I signed up for the service to see what exactly was on offer and after 3 days in, I’m failing to see how Twitter Trends is worth […]

No WhatsApp Or Social Media For A Month And I Missed Nothing

I started a new tradition this year. Every January I plan to be completely off social media and chat applications like WhatsApp. Of course plans are worthless till execution. I started on the tradition this year. I uninstalled WhatsApp and Twitter. I was never on Instagram and I don’t picture myself there any time soon […]

High Court Controversially Orders Rural Teachers Association President Not To Use Social Media Whilst On Bail

A few weeks ago the leader of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe -Obert Masaraure- was arrested and charged with treason after the demonstrations that took place in mid-January. Whilst he’s being charged with “subverting a constitutionally elected government”, Mr Masaraure was granted bail for $500. Strangely though, the High Court Judge has also […]

Facebook Was Paying Teens $20/month For All Of Their Data

In a cash pressed economy such as ours, one would be tempted to shout “Take my data!!”, to Facebook if they were going to pay you, but unfortunately this is turning out to be yet another huge scandal for the social media giant which can’t seem to avoid blunders. So what exactly did they do […]

UK Government Considering Social Media Laws After “Instagram Fuelled” Teenage Suicide

Following the death of a teenager who had viewed some content about suicide on social media online, Britain’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has come out and said the country must work together with social media companies to stop such incidents from occurring. If this can’t be done then there’s the threat […]

Julius Malema Calls Governments’ Decision To Shutdown Internet “Barbaric” & “Unacceptable”

Julius Malema is a polarising man and though many mock him for various reasons I’ve heard him say sensible things on a number of occasions. Yesterday the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters hosted the Party’s first media briefing of the year and Malema did not hold back on his thoughts concerning the government imposed […]

Hariplay Is A Local Video-sharing /Social Media App That Has Some Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Social Media is the in-thing right? Whip up an application that can get people glued to their screens and well, you’ve hit the jackpot. Whilst the formula seems so so simple, it’s quite hard to get right and it can be very hit or miss. This is why there’s one Zuckerburg even though the concept […]

Block Lifted, Zimbabweans Have Access To Social Media And WhatsApp Again

Following this afternoon’s ruling by the High Court of Zimbabwe that the directive by the Minister of State Security to block access to the internet at large and even to social media was illegal, normal service has been restored. Early on Tuesday morning last week, social media access was blocked for Zimbabweans and around mid […]