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Tag: software development

MTNs Chenosis platform seeks to solve Africa’s API problem

Earlier this month, MTN announced the launch of Chenosis. This is an independent API marketplace built to enable developers and businesses across Africa. It will aggregate open APIs making it easy for developers and interested parties discover and make use of these APIs. APIs??? For the uninitiated, we will need to explain what an API […]

Hiring A Developer? Devcenter’s Free eBook Could Be Of Use

Last December, we shared Devcentre’s State of Code Jobs document which shared interesting insights on Nigerian software development trends. The startup has now released a 2-part eBook giving tips on Hiring developers. The document titled 7 Mistakes Managers Make When Hiring Nigerian Developers explores the Nigerian context but I felt most of the information I […]

Zim Development Studio Edges Towards Half A Million Downloads On The PlayStore; Here’s How They Did It

Age-X Development – a local software company recently announced that they had reached 400 000 installs since inception back in 2016. The special milestone is amazing because once again it shows how the internet can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people on the globe from your office. We reached out to Van […]

List Of Free Google Digital Skills Courses For People Interested In Coding/Programming

One of the biggest opportunities offered by the internet nowadays is the ability to attain skills you would otherwise have to pay for at no cost at all. Google Digital Skills for Africa is one such platform that has a number of free online courses for people looking to upskill and without investing money into […]

Creating Mobile Apps Without A PC

It may sound like a far-fetched idea but it is feasible! Most people are astounded when they discover for the first time how to develop android mobile applications using just a mobile device. The idea is fascinating and worth sharing with aspiring android mobile developers in Africa and developing countries in the world. Let me […]

Application Window For Shopify’s 2020 Internship Program Open

[Image Source: Shopify] Commerce platform Shopify hosts a yearly Internship Program and applications for the 2020 Shopify Summer Internship are now open. We scrolled through some of the most FAQs regarding the internship to share what those interested in applying may want to know. Who’s eligible? Anyone and everyone: SInternships at Shopify are open to […]

Tech Trends Of 2020 & What Skills Devs Can Learn To Keep Up

So the new year is around the corner and I’ve been analysing (from a software developer’s perspective) what’s going on in the fast-changing technology world. Indeed, we have seen a lot of great things happening in 2019 in terms of latest technologies that are making everyday lives of both people and businesses easier. Yes a […]

Learn how to code at ‘Coding day’ in Bulawayo.

Learning to code is important. I mean it only makes sense considering how digital we have become (and continue to become). In light of this, HabeNerd, an online IT learning platform, will be conducting an event dubbed ‘Coding day’ on the 18th of August at the Bulawayo club (8th ave and fort street). HabeNerd has […]

Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

After more than six months of training and skills development, local technology and entrepreneurship skills centre, Muzinda Hub, conferred certificates to its first cohort of software developers and tech entrepreneurs at a graduation ceremony held in Harare. The Hub also launched its online jobs platform which will be offering software development skills.

How to encrypt files using PGP on Windows

Here’s a quick guide on how to encrypt files using PGP on Windows.

We can make learning code easier in Zimbabwe. Let’s teach each other

After writing the “To learn code, teach code” article last week, I got emails from a few people asking me to teach them code. Some offered to teach me how to write secure code. And most, who had experienced the same, just generally echoed that it’s a great idea. But then sharing my experiences in an article […]

Chance to contribute to the Ubuntu 13.04 Wallpaper

Now that it has been established that developers need to write code those of us who are not that well initiated in the art of software development can feel a little left out when it comes to contributing to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects.

Is Flash dead?

As all web developers know, they do not develop for themselves. These days there are more and more things to consider when developing a website: Google rankings, target audience, mobile device compatibility etc. And now you have had to add to the list, should I use flash or HTML5?

Learn programming APIs with Codecademy

Last year we featured an article about how the world of online learning was quickly outpacing conventional methods of learning and transforming into the main gateway for students who want to learn new subjects quickly and at their own pace.

Feel like hacking away in Harare next week? Here’s an opportunity (Updated)

Alpha Media, one of Zimbabwe’s largest media houses has announced that it will be holding a hackathon for developers in Zimbabwe next week (26 July to be exact) at a venue to be advised. The event is expected to attract about 15 individuals or teams of developers to, for 12 hours, hack away and produce […]

Zim university student develops business apps & working on virus removal software

We first heard about Luke Madzedze at the Research and Intellectual Expo at the University of Zimbabwe some 4 weeks ago. At the expo, we saw some desktop and Java mobile applications whose development was attributed to the young man. We arranged to meet Madzedze and finally did last week in Harare.

Secure Software Development: There is More to it Than Just Writing Code!

In recent years we have seen several technological and software advancements. This has led to a new age made up of various asymmetric cyber attacks, fast paced and ever changing threat landscape