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SA solar startup Sun Exchange begins African expansion in Zimbabwe

South African solar startup Sun Exchange has begun its expansion into Africa in Zimbabwe with a proposed 1.9MW solar installation for Marondera based Nhimbe Fresh.

Govt Working On Net Metering For ZESA, But What Is It?

Minister of Energy and Power Development tweeted earlier today about net metering for ZESA in an open dialogue where he asked for public opinion on the matter. Net metering is a pretty technical term that a great many are not too familiar with. So what is it anyway? What Is Net Metering? Net metering allows […]

Telecel Asks POTRAZ For Tariff Adjustment

Telecel (and the other networks, probably) are in talks with POTRAZ to get tariffs adjusted to keep up with the inflationary nature of the economy. According to Zim Morning Post, the MNO is asking for an adjustment of tariffs among other requests which they believe will turn the business around. Telecel is reportedly in discussions […]

[Download] Ministry Of Energy Releases National Renewable Energy Policy

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has released a new renewable energy policy which they claim will bring “a strategic shift in Zim’s energy mix & enable us to join the world in the uptake of clean, green energy in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.” The policy covers the following areas: Barriers […]

Econet Deploying Tesla Powerwall Batteries Across Its Network

[Image credit]: DPA Twitter Econet is moving the power backup for their base stations to Tesla’s Powerwall 2 fleet of Li-ion batteries. The batteries were being trialled for the past 12 months and now a decision has been made to adopt the backup on a wider scale. The initial phase of this project will see […]

DPA To Partner French Company And Deploy Hybrid Energy In African Markets

Distributed Power Africa (DPA), a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Global, and EDF (Électicité De France) a world leading electricity company, are partnering to jointly develop Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and hybrid energy solutions to the African market. The collaboration is expected to focus on the development of distributed-energy solutions based on solar panels associated with […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Inverter

In this week’s installment of GOING SOLAR we shall take a look at the POWER INVERTER. The Power inverter, could simply be described as a box of electronics that converts the power from your battery to the power used by your TV and fridge. In reality though these boxes vary greatly in how they achieve […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Solar Battery (Part 3)

In this week’s installment of GOING SOLAR we shall take a last look at the solar or deep discharging battery. Today we are going to take a last look at the battery and then combine what we have so far, the SOLAR PANEL, CHARGE CONTROLLER and BATTERY and size a basic 12 volt DC power system. […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Solar Battery (Part 2)

Last week we started looking at one of the major components of your solar power system, the battery. In summary last week we looked at the types of battery’s available, how they are sized, capacities and their life span. As we continue the discussion around the solar battery this week, we have been asked to […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Solar Battery (part 1)

In our continued journey to understanding GOING SOLAR, in the last weeks we have looked at some of the major components involved in going green. So far we have looked at SOLAR PANELS, and the CHARGE CONTROLLER. This week we take a basic look at the battery. This is a huge topic in itself and […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electricity And Consumption…

Last week we looked at how relevant knowledge about basic electrical terms such as Direct Current and Alternating Current communicates with our daily lives. My intention with this series is to be as technical friendly as possible so that wherever possible, our book of reference will be the basic textbook or secondary school dictionary. Flowing […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electric Power…

Following my exploratory “Countdown to Alternative Energy” write-ups that I have posted over the last two weeks, (Part 1 & Part 2) a few questions have come through. There have been more enquiries about Solar Power among all the other alternative energy options that are available. That is understandable because we are under the African […]

Econet responds to market forces, reduces price on its Home Power Station, again

Earlier today the operator announced, on social media, a clearance sale for the HPS which will see the price being reduced by $50 to $49. The offer is valid while stocks last and it becomes the third price reduction for the Power Station since it was first introduced by Econet in 2012.

Looking for a ZESA & LP Gas alternative? Try this solar stove

On the solar energy tip, other users are looking beyond lights and geysers. An example of that is the solar stove we came across in Harare. It’s being sold by a local trader, Solomon Marimo, who says he identified this type of solar stove in South Africa and has been trying to create a local distribution line.

3 ways ZESA can build its own virtual power station, without Dangote

Before any well-planned investments in thermal energy come to fruition, we have to manage what little power we have. Any huge savings on electricity can then be extended to other sectors of the economy and all that power is enough to be termed a virtual power station on its own.

Solar Power for Dummies Part 6: Regulators

This is the latest article in the series “Solar Power for Dummies.” As we said in the previous article, the components we have looked at so far are good enough to build a rudimentary solar system, a very crude one that is in many ways dangerous both to you and to itself. One way to […]

“Every Zimbabwean child should be computer literate” says Zim President

These are the words that the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe said at the launch of the National e-Learning Programme at Chogugudza Primary school in Goromonzi. The Herald, a local government owned daily newspaper, reports today that the new computerization of schools programme will see about 100 schools, both primary and secondary, receiving e-learning tools (computers and education software) under a pilot project.

Review: A solar powered mobile phone

Last month, we attended the Econet Energy launch in Harare. At the event Econet gave out some solar powered ZTE-G S316 mobile phones to everyone attending. For us it was a convenient opportunity to review the solar powered mobile phones and provide our general opinion on them.

Net*One Goes Green With Solar Powered Base Stations

It’s quite interesting to read news that Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator (by number of subscribers) is now using solar energy to power its base stations. Net*One boasts the widest network coverge in Zimbabwe and keeping its large inventory of base stations powered has probably been a challenge, hence the green solution.