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GOING SOLAR: Solar Power Design Basics – Solar Panels

We have looked at the basics of power consumption and energy management. Once you have achieved near perfect energy management through either physical means or by changing to energy efficient equipment, you are ready to GO SOLAR A lot of articles have been written about the components that form the solar powered electric system, view […]

Unboxing Econet’s $99 Home Power Station

Here are some more details on the $99 Econet Home Power Station (HPS) which received a discount recently. The current model of the HPS is being sold on a cash only basis, and it does not have prepaid payment plan as was the case with the first models introduced by Econet Solar.

Here’s an F for you, ZESA. Give way to private players please

The national power authority, ZESA, has failed to deliver on its mandate as the one source of power for the majority of Zimbabweans. The poor service delivery and lack of consistent supply is enough to prove that. Perhaps it is now time to consider players from the private sector and to engage them seriously.

Tesla’s magic battery might be what Zimbabwe needs

Just over a week ago ZESA’s grid system suffered a catastrophic failure that saw both Hwange and Kariba somehow go offline, leaving the entire country, except Bulawayo and probably a couple of Bigwigs’ houses, in darkness. According to ZESA’s Chief Executive Engineer, Josh Chifamba, the power utility did not know then what caused the outage and […]

Had it up to here with ZESA & wanna get off the grid? Here are 3 alternatives

So let’s face reality and move away from Utopian slogans and hashtags. Things related to a lot of local services, especially power supply, haven’t been so good so far. This challenge with power is not going to get better any time soon either. I can somehow overlook how a Dynamos match was affected by a […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 7: Inverters

  This is the latest post in our series on building a solar power solution for the home. So for the past couple of weeks or so we have looked at panels, batteries, wires, and the charge controller. By this time, you would have learned three things: building a good solar system requires patience a […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 6: Regulators

This is the latest article in the series “Solar Power for Dummies.” As we said in the previous article, the components we have looked at so far are good enough to build a rudimentary solar system, a very crude one that is in many ways dangerous both to you and to itself. One way to […]

Solar Power for dummies part 5: The wires and cables

This is part 5 in our series focused on solar power as an alternative to ZESA, and a DIY approach to setting it up. We have already looked at the basics, budgeting, the panels and the batteries. The only thing remaining are the wires and you should be able to create a functional solar off-the-grid solar system, […]

Solar Power for Dummies part 4: The Batteries

If you ask anyone with a Solar Power system what the most vulnerable part of their system is, you will no doubt be told it’s the batteries. Batteries are perhaps the most delicate part of any off the grid solar system and while your solar panel is going to last for eons, it is unlikely […]

Solar Power for Dummies Part 3: The panels

Now that we have calculated our power needs and know exactly the Wattage rating of the Solar system we need it is time to build it; or if you decide to chicken out, find someone to do it for you. Those still struggling with the budget should know that most electrical devices come with a […]

Solar Power for dummies Part 2: Getting to know your devices

Now that we have gotten the introduction stuff out of the way its time for you to get acquainted with some of the basics of electricity in general and solar power in particular. I won’t be introducing anything scary, I promise, just the basics you snoozed through during the Physics and Integrated Science lessons. A […]

Solar Power for dummies part 1: Introduction

I am well aware my esteemed colleague has already written a guide on solar power. This guide is different, penned with dummies in mind by a man who is also, when it comes to solar power and electricity in general, a dummy, who has taken a journey in the solar world. It is not a treatise […]