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YouTube launches Premium Lite an ad-free focused package

Several users in European countries have reported being given the option to downgrade their YouTube premium package to a package called Premium Lite. The premium package costs roughly half the price of YouTube Premium and comes with ad-free video viewing across all platforms. Currently, the package is on trial in several European countries including the […]

YouTube Music to challenge Spotify & Apple Music in Zim?

YT Music vs Spotify vs Apple Music

It’s true, Spotify really sucks for musicians

Singing for a song.

Why did Holy Ten choose to release Risky Life in full on Apple Music only?

If what we think is correct this is a bold move but it has its consequences

Spotify running a US$8 for a whole year promotion

8 bucks for a whole year?! Sign me up

Spotify is now working in Zim but how much data does it use?

You might want to turn down the streaming quality if you are using a bundle, those playlist are easy to get lost in.

Spotify coming to Zimbabwe, the good & the bad (mostly good)

Streaming bundle to Piracy and bankrupting ourselves with paid versions of services

Spotify is coming to Zimbabwe!!!!

Its happenening!!!