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From cassettes to WhatsApp MP3s: How music distribution has evolved in Zimbabwe

Who remembers the days when you had to use a pen or pencil to rewind a cassette tape? It feels like a lifetime ago, and for good reason. The production and distribution of music in Zimbabwe (and the world over) has been liberalized to the point that anyone with a laptop can be a producer […]

It’s true, Spotify really sucks for musicians

Singing for a song.

Spotify running a US$8 for a whole year promotion

8 bucks for a whole year?! Sign me up

Spotify is now working in Zim but how much data does it use?

You might want to turn down the streaming quality if you are using a bundle, those playlist are easy to get lost in.

Spotify coming to Zimbabwe, the good & the bad (mostly good)

Streaming bundle to Piracy and bankrupting ourselves with paid versions of services

Spotify is coming to Zimbabwe!!!!

Its happenening!!!

Batman Unburied, a scripted narrative series coming to Spotify

Image Credit: Jim Lee/DC In June, Spotify and Warner Bros. announced a multi-year partnership to produce original Podcasts. These podcasts will be scripted narrative audio series featuring popular DC characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and more. The first series to come out from this partnership is titled, Batman Unburied. The narrative series will be […]

Buddie Beatz Review: What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

Buddie Beatz has been around for a long time now. 11 Months now if we’re being precise. Since it’s launch the monthly packages price was reduced but so was the data you get to stream music using the application. For a monthly package, you now part with $3 instead of the launch price of $5, […]

ZIMA Explains How Most Downloaded Song Award Will Work

When ZIMA announced that they would be adding a new “Most Downloaded Song” Award Category to their award Ceremony from 2020 going forward we were pretty stoked since we like all things to do with the internet. As we indicated at the time of the announcement, ZIMA didn’t share any information regarding how they will […]

Spotify Launches Lite App Which Uses Less Internet Data

Since the cost of mobile, home and office internet has been drastically rising over the past few months, you may have found yourself cutting of some of your more data-consuming tendencies when using your devices. Services like Netflix and Spotify might have taken a hit. If that’s the case, you can rejoice since Spotify has […]

Buddie Beatz Is Econet’s Spotify, But For Local Jams

If you were downloading local artists jams without paying for anything all along because you didn’t have a place to buy the music, your excuse is no longer valid…. Whilst touring some exhibitors stands at ZITF this afternoon, we passed by Econet’s stand and I personally bumped into Buddie Beatz for the first time. Apparently, […]

Spotify Is Expanding To More African Countries But It Is Not Coming To Zimbabwe Yet

As a lot of Zimbabwean music and Spotify lovers know the music streaming business is yet to officially launch in Zimbabwe or in much of Africa really. Like many awesome services from the developed world the service has been hitherto only available in South Africa where it was launched early this year and nowhere else […]

What is so great about Spotify, the music streaming service. Is it that popular locally?

When it comes to music streaming services, very rarely will the subject be discussed without mentioning Spotify. A lot of people abroad use Spotify for listening to music over the internet and even for offline listening if they pay for it. What surprised me is that we recently asked people why they use Virtual Private […]

So you love music? Here are 3 apps you can use to stream some beats in Zimbabwe

Most of us are constantly listening to music whether while out for a run or just chilling at home. Music has become the lifeblood of some of our lives. I mean can you imagine life without tunes from your favorite artist? I know I can’t and probably some of you can’t either. As much as […]

The 3 awesome things that Apple announced at WWDC

This is an Apple fan boy’s perspective of the services that were launched at the 2015 Developer’s Conference. From changes to iOS, the new Apple Music and the OS El Capitan, here is a look at three exciting things that came out of WWDC 2015.

Dear Mr. Carter… An open letter to Jay Z regarding the Tidal music service

REF: I HOPE YOUR TIDAL WAVE PROJECT FAILS At the end of last month you, Mr. Carter/Jay Z and your cabal of musicians launched your music streaming service which you dubbed Tidal, no doubt an allegorical reference to the Waves that you thought it would make in the music world when you launched it. In […]

ZIMURA and Econet attempt to kill local music piracy. What’s their silver bullet?

Another revenue stream for Zimbabwean music can’t hurt, right? That’s what everyone has said over and over again. It’s just that the options that have been working elsewhere aren’t catching on in this market fast enough to disrupt our flourishing illegal music distribution circuit. As part of the fight against piracy ZIMURA (Zimbabwe Music Rights Association) decided to make […]

Technology and music: making a profit after the disruption

Managing any business has more than its fair set of challenges even if the formula for getting it going seems simple. You’re supposed to identify a need, create a solution/product and pass it on to the customer who will pay for it. But what happens when the customer doesn’t have to pay to get the […]

YouTube launches $8 service Music Key: Is this the local artist’s salvation?

YouTube is without doubt the most popular video sharing site both here in Zimbabwe and internationally unless perhaps if you live in China. It doesn’t matter if you are a sports fan and all you want is to re-watch those awesome scores your team scored over the weekend or the entire last season, or a […]

Amazon moots “library” like feature

News (substantiated rumors) doing round on the Blogosphere is that the folks at Amazon are on the verge of testing what is being touted as a “Spotify” for books. We have looked at Spotify before: it is a service that lets you listen to the music of your favourite musician via the internet in exchange for […]

Apple’s acquisition of Beats is confirmed and finally explained

After weeks of speculation Apple’s acquisition of Beats was finally confirmed with a $3 billion tag being attached to the deal. Media sources have confirmed that Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine will be joining Apple as part of the deal. While discussing the deal yesterday at the Code Conference, Iovine and Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue outlined […]

How I access Spotify in Zimbabwe

This morning I woke up to an alarming piece of news: Spotify latest to be hit by a hack on users.  Now that is a cause for concern because while I have nothing to do with Ebay( the Ogres behind PayPal) Spotify makes a good part of my world. Imagine my great surprise when my […]

Why aren’t we exploring the opportunities of music streaming?

Earlier this week we heard that American mobile network operator, Sprint unveiled the HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Special edition phone which is optimised for audio playback. The network also announced a partnership with Spotify, the music streaming service. Sprint will be offering Spotify services to its subscribers who are signed to their post -paid package called […]