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UAE Messaging App ToTok Accused Of Spying On Its Huge User Base

A messaging application that originated in the United Arab Emirates and ended up on popular app stores has been labelled a “spying tool”. Though the app has already been downloaded by millions of users on Google Play and Apple Store, it turns the UAE government used to try and track “every conversation, movement, relationship, appointment, […]

Huawei Technicians Accused Of Assisting African Governments To Spy On Opponents

A lot of claims have been made regarding Huawei and their security, or lack thereof but the most recent claims by Washington Post will be damaging to the company. The publication claims that technicians from the company have assisted African governments spy on opponents on two different occasions. Allegedly the technicians helped with interception of […]

In the name of “National Security”: analysis of the new spy law.

In last week’s article, we looked at some of the new provisions of statutory 142 of 2013 which has been called a “spying”  law by some sections of the independent media. The Daily News called it “draconian” while almost everyone agrees it is unconstitutional. So is the law unconstitutional? How does it compare with PRISM […]

“That’s racist!” Huawei says of spying & hacking allegations by the US and UK

“This is tired nonsense we’ve been hearing for years. This is politically-inspired and racist corporate defamation, nothing more.” is what a representative of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, apparently said to The Verge.

Going old school to secure your data

When looked at through the rose tinted glasses of time, sometimes the past appears to be more romantic that it actually was. For example one of the first Apple computers is expected to sale for over $500 000 and no the specs will not blow your mind: 8KB RAM and a 4 rows of A-D; I don’t eve know what that is.

Is big brother reading your Gmail?

Those of you who watch TV Shows and spy movies have seen it, government spooks and law enforcement agents hacking into private email accounts and computers with disturbing ease.