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Many Moons Later Standard Chartered Is Still Having ZIPIT And Ecocash “Challenges”

While it was initially conceived as a way to send and receive money, Ecocash has become the unofficial currency of Zimbabwe. They might be calling them RTGS dollars but Ecocash is the best way to move these dollars. ZIPIT is a distant second but it is no less useful. The truth of the matter is […]

You Can Now Prefund Your Standard Chartered Visa

For a long time last the Standard Chartered Visa card was one of the few “last man standing” as one after another banks suspended their Visa and MasterCards due to the biting forex shortages. As of July last year a few Stan Chart Visa cards were still working on the now increasingly ludicrous 1:1 principle […]

StanChart Waits To Hear ‘Tax Implications’ Of The $100 Million UK Loan Facility Before Disbursing It

As a sign of a thawing of relations between Zimbabwe and the UK, last month the UK government advanced a $100 million facility to Zimbabwe to alleviate cash shortages and foreign currency shortages. The money was advanced to the country by Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) through the Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe (StanChart), as a line […]

Stanchart Visa Card Cant Be Used For Online Payments Anymore

We contacted Standard Chartered (StanChart) this morning and we can confirm that its online Visa service can no longer be used to make online international payments. Stanchart joins a growing list of banks that are restricting the use of Visa and Mastercard systems to make both online and physical card international payments. Many banks which […]

Finally Standard Chartered Bank and EcoCash Are Linked

Users banking with StanChart are now able to link their bank account to their EcoCash account. Until recently the wallets which could link with StanChart was OneMoney and Telecash which is quite surprising considering the fact that EcoCash is used by way more people than OneMoney and Telecash respectively. Anyway, StanChart is now fixing that. […]

StanChart Customers Might Need To Start Looking The OneMoney Direction Over EcoCash

Recently, I got a tip from a Standard Chartered Bank user who pointed out that Swipe Into EcoCash was not working for them and actually hadn’t been for a while. Interestingly, this comes at a time when Standard Chartered Bank now has a direct link to OneMoney. Let’s backtrack a bit… So there’s always been […]