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MDC Alliance Manifesto Maps Out Their Vision For Tech, Blockchain Has Central Role

Usually you expect politicians to be the last to know what’s going on especially anything tech related. Politicians seem to come from some other planet where long windy speeches are loved and appreciated or even understood. It’s refreshing to see tech entering the political discourse this election. Most times technology is discussed at political forums […]

Rwanda Puts National Currency On Blockchain; Cost-Free Transfers, Cash-Outs For Everyone

Rwandan bank I&M partnered with a Norwegian firm to launch a blockchain based solution called SPENN and it is a big deal. SPENN is a mobile banking application and that is how it appears to the general public. It looks just like other mobile banking apps everyone is used to. But that’s on the surface. […]

The State Of Blockchain Technology In Zimbabwe, Get The Techzim Report

Zimbabwe has been in the news recently over the ban of cryptocurrency trading by the central bank. There has been lots of debate about whether such a ban was necessary or not and even the courts are involved now. The debate has pulled in blockchain enthusiasts as well who of course have made the debate […]