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Want To Learn About Data Science, But You’re Not Sure Where To Start? This Course Could Be Of Use

The importance of data science in today’s workplace is becoming more apparent to workers by the day. The biggest problem has been where do people who want to learn about this field start? I’ve referrenced a number of free courses in the past but another course I feel might make a difference for beginners looking […]

The EcoCash ecosystem by the numbers; 6M subscribers, 26k agents, 20k merchants

Picture: EcoCash’s Eddie Chibi presents We attended the Agent Banking & Digital Financial Services  conference today where mobile money service providers presented on the impact the services they have rolled out. Presenting for Ecocash, Business Development lead, Eddie Chibi, shared the statistics of the EcoCash ecosystem. Most of this is not new ofcourse but we thought having it […]

ZOL connecting 80 new fibre internet customers every week. Total subs 3,500

So a few days ago when we posted the download of the POTRAZ quarterly report on the state of internet services in Zimbabwe, the first comment on the article was: I am tickled by these figures! 285 Active VSAT terminals? really let’s be serious here. 1741 Fibre Links lol. ZOL did a promotion where they ran fibre into […]

About the accuracy and reliability of Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms stats

In Zimbabwe, there’s been a lot of confusion of the the mobile subscriber statistics released regularly by the mobile operators themselves to shareholders, as well as those released by POTRAZ, the regulator of the space.   Recently for example, when we wrote that Telecel’s active subscribers were down again for the 3rd consecutive quarter, the company […]

Zimbabwe’s latests telecoms stats – It’s real and not pretty! (2014 Q3 Download)

As you may know, POTRAZ just released the latest telecoms stats in a report for 2014 Q3. We’d expect Q4 ofcourse but let’s not focus on that right now. The media has been glowingly positive about what the report shows which is somewhat surprising considering the picture it paints. We’re guessing that’s because the sector has […]

Zimbabwe’s telecoms stats (2013): 103.5% mobile penetration rate

We just got the full telecoms subscription statistics from the regulator, POTRAZ, for the 3 months ending December 2013. So, very current. There are two key things you will notice with the new stats;  One is that the mobile penetration has gone past the 100% mark to the now 103.5% and the second is that […]

EcoCash by the numbers: now handles $70 million monthly

Yesterday, Econet announced its interim unaudited results for the 6 months ending 31 August 2012. The one product mentioned again and again and one the Econet leadership confirmed was their most exciting product, even comparing it to the introduction of prepaid, was EcoCash. The highlight stats of the product are that US $70 million worth […]

biNu Surveys: Zimbabwe’s mobile browser preferences

Last week we posted that biNu, the Australian startup that just raised 2 million bucks to expand its feature phone platform, has introduced a new feature called biNu surveys, which is basically a tool for companies to poll biNu users across the world. The new feature is still in beta, but biNu opened the door […]

30,000 Google Plus users in Zimbabwe

So how many Zimbabweans are on Google Plus? Well, according to a report by a Canadian company focusing on the social network’s demographics, about 30 000 people in Zimbabwe are on Google’s new social network. The global number of users on the platform is now estimated to have hit 90 million.