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Movie trailers now being shared on WhatsApp

When you love movies deciding what to watch when there’s so much stuff being churned out is usually based on what you see and hear about the upcoming release. One tried and tested marketing weapon for everyone in the business of movies is a good trailer. Through the internet it’s gotten easier to check out […]

The infamous pirate Jack Sparrow plagues local ISPs

It feels like yesterday when l was starting up an experiential marketing business. One of my clients was Ster Kinekor Theatres. I vividly remember the regional GM regularly flying into Zim for reconnaissance meetings; each time we ran through the SWOT analysis one bugger kept popping up! Ster Kinekor HQ (South Africa) placed a bounty on this bugger by bringing in SAFACT (Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft) but it seemed like no one gave a hoot locally. After carrying out a research survey we ‘discovered’ that approximately 60% of our market were buying movies on the street, at Avondale or the Village flee market…Those were interesting times…it appears as if they’ve taken a new twist.