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Steward Bank’s Liquidity Ratio Declines To 70%

By now you are likely aware that Steward bank reported outstanding results for the year ending 28 February 2018. On various metrics, Zimbabwe’s youngest bank registered enviable figures. For instance, the bank witnessed a 133% increase in net operating income, a 289% increase in profit before tax, an 87% increase in net interest income etc. […]

UK Bank’s Problems Give Perspective To Steward Bank’s Issues Last Year

So got an email from one of Techzim’s most avid readers and he was asking us to do a comparison between what happened to a bank in the United Kingdom last week to the Steward Bank problems last year. This is quite interesting. The problems at Steward Bank last year I don’t think there is […]

Apparently Steward Bank Is Not The First To Introduce A Kwenga-like Device

With all Steward Bank’s innovation drive, it may come as a surprise to know that Kwenga is not the first portable POS machine to grace Zimbabwe’s financial sector. Who then? CABS. CABS was the first to roll out portable POS machines. One of our readers on Techzim informed us that she saw a CABS portable […]

Apparently Bank Cards Can Be Cloned Easily, Here Is How To Stay Safe

Last week a man was arrested on charges of cloning a bank debit card and helping himself to thousands of  US dollars, or is it bond? Are they the same thing? Either way, he treated himself to thousands that were not his. The fraudster is one Bryan Gaha who allegedly cloned a Steward Bank debit […]

No USD, no service: Steward Bank restricts MasterCard Debit card limits

We seem to be getting more and more alteration notifications from our banks or mobile money platforms; most, if not all bearing bad news. Just this morning we got a blow from EcoCash, informing us that they have suspended their MasterCard online payments service. Now, here is another ‘MasterCard blow’ from Steward bank…   MasterCard […]

Econet Support offers more ways to help you, plus my secret number for EcoCash

If you’ve ever been in a fix and required help from the Econet Support team, there are now more ways to do it! Econet has opened its support lines of communication to Social Media for the convenience of its clients. Their twitter support team is quite responsive and offers real-time support, usually escalating your issues […]

Here is a list of Zimbabwean banks still accepting incoming US dollar wires into personal accounts

In case someone out there is stranded and failing not only to receive online payments for jobs done but generally incoming transfers even as an expatriate, the following are some Zimbabwean banks still accepting international incoming transfers in USD into individual accounts.

Latest Techzim podcast: Econet results, smartphone penetration, iROKO TV

Here is our latest Techzim Podcast were we discussed the Econet Financial results, Steward Bank losses, iRoko TV, Rocket Internet and many more. We really got into a heated debated on the 10% smartphone penetration figures released by Econet. We generally agreed that the 10% figure is flawed but it still begged the question, what […]