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Steward’s *236# Is A Step In The Right Direction But It Needs A Little Tweak

When we broke news of Steward’s *236# not so long ago we were excited- well I know I was. Now here was finally a way that would allow me and the other ordinary men and women on the streets to open a bank account from the comfort of our own homes without having to submit […]

Steward Bank customers continue to experience service disruption – Bank offers explanation

According to Steward Bank, most services are now functional and the systems upgrade was completed on most platforms. It will be fully wrapped up by the end of February 2017. In the meantime, there might some incidents of service disruption.

Steward Bank records $2.5 million profit in 2016 half year, supported by transactional banking, EcoCash & cash shortages

It’s not all decline and recession for local mobile operator, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. For the financial year ended 31 August 2016, Steward Bank, Econet’s financial services institution record US$4.3 million in profit before tax, which was a 64% increase from the same period last year. This maintains Steward Bank’s positive growth turn and extends its profitable […]

ZB Bank to launch new card to complement its agent banking service

ZB Bank started its own agent network in 2015 and has so far grown this to a total of 6,000 agents with plans to grow this to 10,000 agents by the end of 2016. A bank card that is distributed and supported through all these agents would further improve access to deposits.

Steward Bank records 1st ever full year profit supported by e-transactions, agents & EcoCash synergies

Steward Bank, the financial services institution owned by local mobile network operator Econet Wireless published its most impressive set of financial results to date with its first-ever annual profit.

Powertel expands distribution network through tie-up with Zimpost

Powertel, the internet provider and ZESA Holdings subsidiary will now be distributing its products at selected Zimpost outlets throughout the country.

Zimpost eyes mobile money as Zipcash monthly transactions reach $4 million mark

According to Zimbango, Zimpost is anticipating turnover for the financial year to exceed $16 million powered by the growth of Zipcash. This optimism and faith in Zipcash is also being influenced by the work being carried out by the Universal Postal Union to turn the International Financial System into a mobile platform.

Telecel under the government, Propertybook, Steward Bank agents, Startup competitions – Podcast

We discuss the future of Telecel in this podcast, along with talks on a real estate listings startup called Propertybook, the Steward bank agent banking partnership with Zimpost and the startup competitions happening locally as Global Entrepreneurship Week comes to a close. One other issue touched on is the Startup Challenge and its absence from the calendar this year.

Steward Bank launches agent banking partnership with Zimpost

This becomes the latest execution of Steward Bank’s branchless growth strategy, which was was first introduced a year ago and has been used as a cost-effective way to establish a presence in residential communities and peri-urban centres. The model has since been adopted by other local banks.

Steward Bank to extend its network through Zimpost post offices

Steward Bank is set to launch a services partnership with Zimpost, the entity that runs the country’s postal network. Under this arrangement, Steward Bank services will be available from post offices around the country.

Steward Bank records first ever profit, aims for tech supported efficiency

Steward bank, the financial institution owned by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe recorded a $1,8 million profit for the half year ended August 2015. This is its first profit, and it has been attributed to cost management and a growth in interest income..

RBZ Mid-Term Monetary Policy shows a slowed growth in mobile money

There is a slowed growth in Mobile Money according to the RBZ’s Mid Term Monetary Policy Statement. This is probably a result of the turbulence in both the banking and telecoms sectors.

BYOD: Is Zim ready for Enterprise Mobile?

The advancement in technology has seen Zimbabwean companies trailing in the type and quality of devices available at the work place. As a result employees have tended to bring their own devices into the workplace. Whether that indeed increases productivity and companies should adopt BYOD is a good point to ponder.

ZB Bank going the Steward Bank route, makes a call for agent bankers

Towards the end of 2014, Steward Bank, the Econet Wireless owned financial institution, introduced the Agent banking model which allowed selected mobile money agents to offer some services in line with mainstream banking. This model allows any Steward Bank account holder to get certain services from the mobile money agent, that would only be accessible from […]

Local banks collapse & sputter: Are mobile money wallets & Bitcoin our safe havens?

  It’s just days into the year and it certainly looks like the financial services sector is going to go through a very rough spell in 2015. Yesterday Allied Bank, a Zimbabwean commercial bank closed shop while another institution which is still on the mend, Steward Bank, waved goodbye to its CEO.  This isn’t even half […]

As Standard Chartered closes branches it should consider a relationship with a mobile operator

The Zimbabwean financial services sector has never been for the fickle.It takes a lot to survive in the territory, what with all the turmoil and uncertainty that characterises the industry. Just ask any of the institutions that have survived the local financial services roller coaster. Standard Chartered Bank, one of the surviving institutions is the one that […]