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Telegram Stays Ahead Of WhatsApp With New Animated Stickers Feature

In terms of features, Telegram has been ahead of WhatsApp for a significant amount of time now. With features such as dark mode being available on the messaging platform for the longest of times, whilst being stuck in development on WhatsApp for ages. Another feature which has come to Telegram first before coming to WhatsApp […]

Here Are Two Trivial Features That You Will be Using On WhatsApp Soon

WhatsApp added multiple new features to its platform this year. For instance, the social media company launched the group calling, Swipe to reply, Stickers and more features in 2018. But that does not stop the app from coming with more ideas. The Facebook-owned chat app has two new features up its sleeves according to WaBetaInfo, […]

Apple Might Remove All WhatsApp Sticker Apps From Their Store; What Gives?

It seems all those cool WhatsApp Sticker Apps available on iOS might be getting the boot as they violate a number of App Store rules. What’s wrong? Well, according to WA Betainfo (a very reliable source when it comes to things happening with WhatsApp) there are 3 specific issues with the sticker apps on the […]

You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s development cycle is always crazy!! The IM is constantly getting new features and just recently we heard of the incoming biometric features they’ll be adding and also a dark mode that might follow. Though these features aren’t out the gate yet, one new feature that is out of the gate right now is the […]