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Video: From firing 9 Execs to suing the Office of the President here is a tale of ex NetOne CEO, Lazarus Muchenje

This is a video showing the timeline of Lazarus Muchenje’s tenure as CEO of NetOne. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

NSSA Scandal And Tech Pt 2: Zim Workers’ Savings Used To Buy Telecel Or Were They?

Part 1 was about how the Zimbabwean army, an internet access company: Africom and the national social security authority: NSSA duped the Zimbabwean population out of millions of US Dollars. Part 1 was complex? Well this second installment is even more complex. Most of what’s below was obtained from a series of confidential letters and […]

Not Guilty – Supa Mandiwanzira Acquitted Of All Charges By High Court

Supa Mandiwanzira was yesterday cleared by the HighCourt of all the criminal abuse charges he was facing since got out of the cabinet. Had he been found guilty, the Former Minister of ICT would have endured at least 20 years in prison or pay a fine. His charges had come as result of being accused […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Seeks Constitutional Court Reprieve Says Robert Mugabe Approved All The Actions He’s Being Accused Of

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira who is facing criminal abuse of office charges has decided to approach the Constitutional Court to have the case against him nullified. He is arguing that the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act under which he is being charged is not constitutional. His lawyer, Thembinkosi Magwaliba says: The section does not […]

Supa Mandiwanzira: I Did Not Defraud The Government

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, was back in court today as his case regarding abuse of office continued after two postponements dating back to last year. Mandiwanzira is being charged with abuse of office on two counts; That he allegedly engaged Megawatt company, to do consultancy work for NetOne without going to tender That […]

Full Text: Here Is Why Supa Mandiwanzira Was With The Police

The lawyers of the former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira have released a statement regarding their client’s arrest today. Here is the statement; Advocates Thembinkosi Magwaliba and Brian Hungwe on the instructions of Selby Hwacha of Dube Manikai & Hwacha have issued the following statement: – Hon. Supa Collins Mandiwanzira, immediately on his return from […]

Former ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira Got Arrested: Is It True This Time?

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira was reportedly arrested earlier today by the CID Serious Fraud Unit. Some publications are saying that the Former Minister is said to have presented himself to the CID to provide some answers (euphemistic for interrogation). Techzim’s position As for us, we tried calling Supa Mandiwanzira but we couldn’t get […]

Former Netone CEO Acusses PricewaterhouseCoopers For “Unprofessional Conduct” During Netone’s Forensic Audit, Blames It For His Arrest

It seems former Netone CEO, Reward Kangai doesn’t easily bury the hatchet. The former CEO of the state-owned company, Netone is now dragging renowned consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers into the picture in his quest for freedom. He is accusing PWC of causing his arrest owing to the fact that it stated wrong figures in its forensic audit for Netone. […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Has NOT Been Arrested

It seems the fake news train is in full speed once again. Rumours started circulating claiming that the Former Minister of ICT and Cyber Security Hon Supa Mandiwanzira had been arrested. You may have come across this tweet on your timelines: Supa Mandiwanzira arrested while trying to border jump into Zambia, I drink another Supa […]

NetOne CEO Is Suing Supa Mandiwanzira And The Office Of President

Just when it appeared the unrest at NetOne had met it’s end, the saga continues. In the space of three weeks NetOne fired 9 executives, reinstated the same executives and now it appears the CEO -Lazarus Muchenje- has just sued the ICT Minister for illegally involving himself in NetOne’s running. Muchenje is suing 18 respondents […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Speaks About The Voters Roll Being Online, He However Ignores The Unsolicited Texts From ZANU PF Candidates

Yesterday we broke the news that the entire Voters’ Roll had been uploaded to the internet with all personal information about the over 5 million registered voters available. Information includes addresses, sex, ID numbers… We obviously did not agree with this as it makes basically the whole nation vulnerable to identity thieves, stalkers or plain […]

POTRAZ Looking Into EcoCash ‘Technical Challenges’

The Telecommunications Industry regulator, POTRAZ, has reportedly engaged Econet to seek clarification over the breakdown of their mobile money platform. EcoCash started working again yesterday afternoon after facing “technical challenges” since Monday. POTRAZ were not too pleased… The Director General of POTRAZ, Dr Gift Machengete, said: Our concern is with the consumers getting served properly. […]

The ICT Policy And Innovation Drive Launch Live At The HICC

Watch the ICT Policy and Innovative Drive launch live Here Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Supa Mandiwanzira Thinks EcoCash Dominance Could Be Disastrous

The Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira told The Fingaz that EcoCash dominance in the mobile money sector could lead to a disaster if not curtailed. According to Mandiwanzira, there are two stats that are a cause for concern. Firstly, EcoCash processes about 90% of transactions in the entire mobile money field and, […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Says There’s No Need To Merge NetOne And Telecel

The Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira has said Telecel and NetOne do not need to merge as they are finally stabilizing. NetOne and Telecel are apparently now getting back on their feet. This is a bit surprising because as recently as December 2017, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa called Telecel and NetOne ‘A let […]

ZACC Clears Supa From Corruption Allegations; Kangai Responds And Says But…

Kangai has responded to ZACC’s decision to dismiss his allegations against the minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira. Well, we can’t possibly have expected the whole #SupaGate saga to end at ZACC dismissing Reward Kangai’s claims just after a few months of investigating such a complicated matter, yet past experience says it […]

Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira Cleared Of Kangai’s Corruption Allegations

Last week, it came to the public’s attention that the former NetOne CEO, Reward Kangai had reported the Minister of ICT and Cyber Security to ZACC (Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission) accusing him of abuse of office and corruption. The allegations stated that the minister, Supa Mandiwanzira had engaged a South African firm for consultational services for $4 […]

Magaya Launches A WhatsApp Alternative: Let’s Chat

So a couple of days ago I came across the Let’s Chat app by Yadah Connect, I’m sure by now you’re familiar with Yadah Connect. Frankly speaking (or typing), I took a look at it and didn’t see anything screaming “write about me”. I just thought of it as a standard application that most religious […]

MetBank And Ozias Bvute At The Centre Of SupaGate, The Mandiwanzira Scandal

You might be aware by now that Minister Supa Mandiwanzira is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. This is because of the report made by former NetOne CEO Reward Kangai alleging corruption and abuse of office on the minister’s part. In his report, Kangai raises a lot of questions and points attention to some […]

AG: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira got loans from POTRAZ without gov approval

[This article from the 24th of July 2016 has been republished because it is related to current events as they concern Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and the corruption allegations leveled against him] With fresh allegations of corruption already being levelled against the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, it doesn’t do him any good that the Auditor General is […]

Here’s Full Letter Submitted To Mnangagwa By Former NetOne CEO. Supa, POTRAZ Chairman And Others Said To Be A Mafia Type Cartel

So the gloves are off between Supa and former NetOne chief, Reward Kangai. Gloves have been off for a long time now but we have reached a crescendo. Here is the letter Kangai sent to the president: 28 December 2017 His Excellency Cde. E.D.Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe The Birth and Growth of […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Rubbishes Corruption Allegations Leveled Against Him

The Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira has responded to allegations of criminal abuse of office or corruption leveled against him by former Netone CEO Reward Kangai. Mandiwanzira is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission as a result of the report that was made by Kangai. The minister however claims the […]

Supa Mandiwanzira In $4m Corruption Scandal, Under Investigation By Anti-Corruption Commission

Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC.) Allegations of criminal abuse of office or corruption were leveled against him by former Netone CEO, Reward Kangai. In a letter which was written to ZACC by Prosecutor General Ray Goba on the 20th of December 2017 […]

Internet companies face the risk of having their licences revoked because of yesterday’s outage.

If you use the internet much, no doubt you were affected by yesterday’s huge internet outage. If you didn’t experience it like most if not all Telecel users then at least you somehow heard or read about it. Also, if your dealings were/are local, Telecel user or not, then you were still negatively impacted since […]

Cabinet announced, introducing the Ministry of ICT and Cyber Security

Just a few days back Techzim wrote about how we were anticipating for the new cabinet to be an effective one, same anticipation that the rest of Zimbabwe had to be fair. Well, the cabinet has been announced but for this particular article I will focus on just one of the ministries, the Ministry of Information […]

Cabinet dissolved: Out with the Old, In with the New (we hope)…

I’m sure we’ve all been following the events that have been happening in Zimbabwe, how we now have a new president and all. With that, constitutionally it then means that the previous cabinet becomes nullified. The constitution states that the occupation of the presidential office by a new candidate renders all ministers’ offices vacant, meaning […]

Video: You say Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa… You’re wrong!

News reports often claim that because of Zimbabwe’s superior education, it has the highest literacy rate in Africa. Recently a politician in the country, Supa Mandiwanzira, echoed this “fact”. The data, unfortunately, suggests otherwise. There are at least 10 countries that are ahead of Zimbabwe in terms of literacy… but is there even a point […]

Government promises to connect 1 300 schools to the Internet

Warning: We are in election season! In a speech at the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) in Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Minister of Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Hon Supa Mandiwanzira stated that the government is on a roll to connect 1 300 schools to the Internet. On a separate note, according to […]

Mnangagwa ordered POTRAZ to ‘loan’ Zifa $1m early this year

It is reported that early this year Vice President Mnangagwa was approached by the Sports minister Hlongwane seeking funds to support the senior soccer team’s trip to Gabon for the Afcon tournament. This was after Hlongwane was approached by Zifa president, Philip Chiyangwa for those funds. Mnangagwa, being the problem solver that he is then […]

New cybercrime law to criminalise “spreading falsehoods” on the internet, revenge porn, bullying and other activity

The Zimbabwe government is at an advanced stage of implementing news laws to deal with crimes on the internet and other electronic platforms. A Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Bill, which goes to parliament soon, is expected to be fast-tracked into law before the end of 2017 according to the Minister of ICT & Courier Services, […]