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Tag: Surveys

SECZ Conducting User Experience Survey For C-Trade Users

When C-Trade –Zim’s first digital investment- platform was announced we were very excited about how many doors would be opened to first time investors who hadn’t had a chance to do so previously. There were a few user experience issues that were met by those of us who enthusiastically tried to sign up only to […]

How biNu users are following and interacting with Big Brother Africa via mobile

biNu, the smartphone in a cloud guys we’ve written about here a couple of times, just sent us the results of a survey they have carried about how Africans are using mobile devices to follow and vote on the ongoing eighth season of Big Brother Africa (BBA).

Why the ZAMPS Internet usage survey results are inadequate

The results in the recently released Zimbabwe All Media & Products Survey (ZAMPS) are strange. The internet part at least. Last month, when the report came out, our opinion, after reading about it in the Herald, was that the internet data just didn’t make sense. To be fair on ZAMPS, this was just the Herald’s own interpretation […]