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MPs Ask For Lessons To Use Tablets

The issue of tablets in parliament has been a topical ever since the announcement was made that members of parliament would be getting the devices last year. Actually, MPs were originally set to receive tablets from the World Bank back in 2017, and that didn’t materialise and even if it didn’t it wouldn’t have caused […]

Zimbabwean parliamentarians to receive tablets in 2017

While it remains to be seen whether MPs will use the new devices effectively, the move will go a long way in extending the efforts Parliament has been making to adopt technology for the efficient execution of its duties as the country’s legislative chamber.

The best drawing tablets for Africa – Comexposed Tech & Tips video

In this episode of Comexposed Tech & Tips, Tino Makoni explains what a great tablet for productive artists should have, reveals what tablets out there make the grade, and reviews one.

The Gtel T 9000: Windows device at its core, or a tablet with choice ?

While the bulk of manufacturers and suppliers are focusing on Android devices, local company GTel has once again opted to be unique. It has done this by giving customers a chance at using Windows as an OS for their tablet.  The merits of this are that most of us are already familiar with the Windows […]

The top 10 mobile phone & tablet brands on the Zimbabwean market

We recently talked about how Android is now the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe, something that is attributable to a lot of factors around the availability of cheap Android devices. But what are the top 10 mobile phone and tablet brands in Zimbabwe right now? It turns out that in all of this Android […]

Astro Funbook 2 review: How does the Zim tablet for locals by locals perform?

Local is lekker , homegrown is the best pick, Proudly Zimbabwean or Buy Zimbabwe. There’s a slew of these mantras that communicate the same message really. Support local brands. When it comes to tech hardware that herd is pretty thin though. Not many entrepreneurs want to service this market in terms of hardware. In the […]

Guess who’s back: The Nokia N1 tablet

I have always been partial to Nokia devices. I still remember with nostalgia my first phone, a Nokia 1100, it was small, elegant, and made for purpose. It was a phone and about the only “app” it had was the memorandum function which could take only about 20 notes. That and the phone book, a […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: the return of the screen king

The gadget for the following review was sponsored by Goldtech Electronics Zimbabwe. The world of tablets has been filled with budget and mid-tier spec devices and every so often we see a tablet rising above the rest to battle it out with Apple on the high end side of things. This time around it’s Samsung […]

Zimpad: Zimbabwean launches iPad competitor. But not the type you think

This guy totally rethinks the concept of a tablet. And in doing so, perfects the idea. If there was ever a technology Zimbabwe could export, it is the Zimpad. To quote the creators of this device: The Zimpad was created by Anton Bhana, CEO of Creative Centre Zimbabwe. The Zimpad will leave you breathless with its state of […]

Installing CyanogenMod on your Chinese Phone or Tablet

The last time I successfully installed a custom CyanogenMod was over a year ago on a Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone- I ended up donating a good part of the night to the frustrating exercise. I understandably bungled up one of the many steps (see here) involved and somehow almost bricked my brother’s phone in the […]

How to get an ultra cheap tablet

While most people would want to own a tablet the costs of buying one here in Zimbabwe remain prohibitive. A 3G tablet will cost you more than $350 dollars easy and most of the “deals” offered by network operators are nothing short of ridiculous in addition to be convoluted and difficult to understand. Most people […]

How to get a tablet for under $150

For those of us who are price sensitive and living on a tight budget the “No Name” brands might be the right solution. As has been noted countless times however, most Zimbabwean businesses simply cannot part with their habit of wanting a 100% profit on anything so now might be a good time to exercise your online shopping skills

Google helps with tablet internet cafe concept trial in Senegal

Regular internet cafes, no, traditional internet cafes, feel so yesteryear. Yes, customers can come in with their own laptops and tablets for the WiFi, but the cafes still have desktops that they expect the customers to use. An internet cafe in Senegal has decided to put those big machines away and have tablets instead, and Google is helping them trial the concept.

Will you buy a tablet anytime soon?

The tablet market has been growing exponentially since the 1st generation iPad came out and Apple has always had the biggest share of the 10-inch tablet market. Competitors found they could not compete with the iPad in the 10-inch market (although Samsung is certainly not giving up). Manufacturers started making 7-inch tablets starting with Amazon, […]

On second thoughts, Africa’s tablet computing boom is inevitable

The proliferation of mobile based internet access and the evolution of traditional broadband services from niched to mainstream products, is transforming developing economies and their place in the knowledge economy. In the developed world, the death of the consumer PC segment is now almost complete.

Low cost tablets: the Cruz Reader case

We have written about some tablets here on Techzim. Overpriced low spec’d and low quality ones like the $500 Nhava Maestro tablet, and some high spec’d ones like the WeTab and the Galaxy Tab that we found a bit too steep for this market. When we wrote about the WeTab some weeks ago, a generous reader, Barry Launder, wrote to say tablets like it are just too expensive for this market, and that he could prove it. True to his word, he brought us a US $200 (calculated retail price in Zim) Velocity Micro Cruz Reader tablet to sample and see for ourselves.