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Hypercube trustees respond to abuse of funds allegations

Several trustees of the now defunct Hypercube Hub, including Rinesh Desai and Munyaradzi Chiura, have responded to the story of the Hypercube Recovery audit report that we published back in March. The audit report, prepared by what’s called the Hypercube Community, accused some of the funders (and trustees) of irregularities and abuse. Here’s the response of the […]

Hypercube donors, US Embassy & Indigo Trust, respond to abuse-of-funds audit report

Earlier this week we published an audit report by the Hypercube Community that circulated on social media and email. The report alleged that some of the founders of the hub had possibly abused the funds and facilities of the hub. We contacted the 3 funders; Hivos, the US Embassy, and Indigo Trust. Hivos gave us their comment […]

Hypercube Hub funder, Hivos, comments on abuse-of-funds audit report

As you may already know, earlier today we reported on a Hypercube Hub audit report that was released today via email and Facebook by the Hypercube Hub Working Group. The audit report exposes apparent irregularities and possible abuse of funds by some of the founders of the hub. We reached out to the organisations that […]

Harare hub, Moto Republik, given one week to remove creative structure. Why this is sad

Harare based technology and arts hub, Moto Republik, has been given one week by the Harare City council, to take down their creative containers structure, or have it demolished. Moto Republik has been one of the most visible tech & arts hubs locally, hosting a number of internet startups that work have offices there. It also […]

African Tech Hubs double in less than one year: a place to meet, network and grow

image credit – The number of tech hubs in Africa has risen from 120 to 314 according to a report by GSMA. A tech-hub is any physical space that provides start-ups with resources and services to support their growth and include: incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, fab labs, maker spaces, hacker spaces and other innovation spaces.  The growth of tech hubs […]

Zimbabwean tech hub Hypercube closes, cites challenges with funding

In a communication sent out earlier today by Hypercube Hub, the team outlined local economic challenges and a failure to secure the funding necessary for the hub to continue its operations as the reason behind the closure.

A new creative hub, Moto Republik set to open in Harare next month

Moto Republik a new creative hub in Harare that will be opening its doors to the public in July this year. An initiative powered by The Magamba Network, it is meant to be a working space and common centre for Zimbabwe’s creatives. The basic membership fee is set at $15

Hypercube Hub now offering paid membership & working space for startups

Earlier today local tech hub and co-working space, Hypercube Hub sent out its first communication for the year to the tech community. Besides the list of the events that the hub has got lined up for the month of February, it also highlighted the new membership options that are available for individuals and startup teams. Since it […]

Why our startup ecosystem needs the government: lessons from Ampion Venture Bus

Between the 7th and the 12th of November several tech entrepreneurs with different skills trooped across 4 Southern African countries on a bus with the sole objective of birthing tech startups and exploring the startup environment in the region. They also had the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Africacom 2014 in Cape Town South Africa with […]

ZOL Startup Challenge to explore Zim’s online investment opportunity

The countdown to the ZOL Startup Challenge continues with heightened interest from the public around the various activities that will be part of this tech entrepreneurship showcase. Other than the ten interesting startup ideas being pitched on the day, attendees will have a chance to listen to different fireside chats that will explore important points […]

ZESA increases load shedding: what arrangements should you make now?

For anyone expecting some sort of load shedding relief think again. The power challenges we are facing right now aren’t going away anytime soon (no surprise there). ZESA came out and said that the situation is unfortunately going to get worse. In an article published in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ZESA’s spokesman Fullard Gwasira attributed this to […]

The true value of mentorship for tech startups

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” That’s one power quote from J Lorren Norris that pretty much sums up the logic behind mentorship – reaching out for guidance from those who have walked the path you intend on taking. For every startup, the story behind that […]

These PIVOT East selection criteria will help your startup wherever you are

It’s just a week before one of Africa’s most watched startup competitions and conference, PIVOT EAST, kicks off in Nairobi. The competition will see 25 startups compete for the top spot in each of 5 categories. The competition is only open to East African startups but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the valuable lessons they […]

How Zimbabwe’s technology sector can realise its full potential

Zimbabwe’s technology sector has seen unprecedented growth over the last 3 years but it is my belief that this falls short of the full potential that Zimbabwe’s technology sector can realize. Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in the world which makes Zimbabwe best placed to take the crown of the leading technology […]

Interesting take on Zimbabwe’s Innovation hubs

The last few months in Zimbabwe has seen the launch of two Tech Hubs, namely Hypercube and Muzinda Umuzi. To be pedantic Muzinda Umuzi is not a tech hub per se but maybe more of an entrepreneurship hub as it supports any business idea that shows potential rather than those purely in the tech space. […]

Techzim Podcast: Telecash, EcoCash war, Parcelgogo, Tech hubs and other stuff

Here’s the latest Techzim podcast. In the episode we discussed the ongoing war between Telecel and Econet Wireless for mobile money agents – the underhanded stuff operators would (or would not) do to protect an investment – the newly formed association of mobile money agents, the tech hubs and a bit about Flappy Bird (yes, we […]

Techzim Podcast: the 2013 tech annual roundup

So we hosted our final podcast this year – a roundup of the 2013 tech year as relevant to Zimbabwe but we also touched a coupe of international headlines that in there. Expect to listen on the developments locally in terms of broadband (lower prices and more speed, fibre etc…), the increased usage of social […]

Hivos, US Government, Indigo Trust, provide US $280k for tech hub in Harare

Indigo Trust, a UK based grant making foundation, announced today that they, the US government and Hivos, have granted at least $280,000 to Hypercube, an organisation we wrote about here last month. The money is for the organisation to establish a technology hub in Harare. The hub, according to the announcement, will support tech entrepreneurs working on […]