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Tag: tech skills

10 Things You Need To Do Before You Make Money

I know its a strange article to write but this will keep you focused and give you awesome perspective on why you don’t have money yet. Somehow the universe is conspiring to make sure you have mastered and done these 10 essential things before you make money, failure to do so will result in you […]

No more freebies as Muzinda Hub offers internet education for companies through enterprise targeted tech courses

That program has now been launched and Muzinda Hub is accepting applications from corporate personnel, entrepreneurs and working professionals keen on broadening their skills by learning about application and web development as well as transforming these skills into viable businesses.

Zimbabwe’s tech mercenaries

I watched in disbelief as my local transformer blew up in flames for what must surely be the upteenth time in little over a month. I could not fathom the cause for such incompetence as this was also the upteenth new transformer ZESA had installed. My friend however had a perfectly rational explanation as always: