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Dying traditional businesses continue to lobby for laws that do not make sense

It has been happening for a while now, but the COVID-19 pandemic really accelerated and brought about the inevitable demise of traditional businesses that have for a long time resisted tech advancements. From movie companies that insisted on theatres and ninety-day release windows, taxis that shun ride-hailing apps and restaurants that continue to rely on […]

A review of Zim’s tech startup ecosystem in 2014: Its successes and disappointments

In just one week we are going to be counting down to the end of 2014 and ushering in another year that will hopefully be better than this one. Everyone who had their hand in business and entrepreneurship, like guys who are part of a tech startup can testify to this more than most. Though there wasn’t […]

Zimbabwean MNOs can you catapult-a-startup please?

When Safaricom launched a $1 million venture fund for Kenyan startups, it was applauded by everyone who follows the sort of relationships African mobile network operators have with the startups in their countries. This was the story of the big player in the tech ecosystem reaching out to the little guys, the fledgling startups. It […]

Why our startup ecosystem needs the government: lessons from Ampion Venture Bus

Between the 7th and the 12th of November several tech entrepreneurs with different skills trooped across 4 Southern African countries on a bus with the sole objective of birthing tech startups and exploring the startup environment in the region. They also had the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Africacom 2014 in Cape Town South Africa with […]