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Dying traditional businesses continue to lobby for laws that do not make sense

It has been happening for a while now, but the COVID-19 pandemic really accelerated and brought about the inevitable demise of traditional businesses that have for a long time resisted tech advancements. From movie companies that insisted on theatres and ninety-day release windows, taxis that shun ride-hailing apps and restaurants that continue to rely on […]

Zimbabwe government’s $25m ICT Innovation fund. A tech startup boom on the horizon?

The Zimbabwean government just announced that it has opened for applications to the ICT Innovation Drive fund. This fund, totalling $25 million, was announced last year by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services. The minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, said that the Zimbabwean government is committed to the development of local platforms and apps through investment financed by […]

Zim tech events; A call to change…

Last week, Bulawayo was graced to host a both lit and handy event which everyone by now is talking about: the Techfest. It was a multi-day event, stretching from Tuesday right through to Saturday with dynamic activities on each day, all held at the Rainbow hotel. Contrary to popular belief, an event can both be […]

Here’s a business concepts cheat sheet for tech startup entrepreneurs

If you are all about tech side of things and are totally new to business the following cheat sheet complete with the necessary tech terms will hopefully be useful in understanding the basics.

Your tech startup is a real business – here’s why you need to register it

If you want to operate as a proper business (which is what a tech startup should be, it’s not a science project) company registration is important. here is an alternative you can explore.

10 teams to battle it out at the Muzinda Hub Business Plan Competition finals

According to Muzinda Hub, numerous applications were submitted from close to 20 African countries. As had been highlighted during the submission process, the finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from different parts of Africa.

It’s all in the planning: Here’s how an African Bitcoin startup is using Trello

Here’s how BitFinance, an African Bitcoin startup is using Trello, a productivity tool, to get tasks done.

Software solutions company, Afrosoft, opens up its technology to startups

Afrosoft Holdings, a local tech solutions company with a strong footprint in enterprise is opening up its technology stack to local startups. This means that tech startups that are developing solutions which need to plug into enterprise-related services like mobile money payment platforms, financial services or third-party VAS solutions can use the infrastructure that Afrosoft has set up already.

Innovation Baraza is underway right now, here’s what’s happened so far

After weeks of preparation and build up, local innovation fair Innovation Baraza is underway. The event kicked off at 10 am, and there has been a huge turnout from various stakeholders.

My experiences as a Zimbabwean entrepreneur at a Rwandan tech incubator

Zimbabwean tech entrepreneur Clinton Mutambo will be working from a Rwandan tech incubator for the next three months. In this article, he shares some of the insights he’s had of the Rwandan tech and business ecosystem so far , and how that relates to the Zimbabwean environment.

Zim startup Esaja makes it to Rwandan incubator’s accelerator program

A Zimbabwean tech startup, which was founded by Clinton Mutambo, has been selected for an accelerator program in a Rwandan tech incubator called think. This incubator and these programs are another example of mobile network operators’ in tech startups.

Zim startup Road Rules secures a spot at DEMO Africa 2015

Road Rules, a Zimbabwean tech startup that has developed an Android-based Provisional Drivers’ Licence Test learning solution, was selected as a DEMO Africa finalist at a pre-pitch event held yesterday in Harare. Applications are still open for any startups that also want to go and showcase their ideas at DEMO Africa in Lagos, Nigeria later this year.

Cheers to mobile money & e-commerce opportunities in our cashless society

According to the latest numbers from RBZ, Zimbabweans are handling more and more transactions electronically. The biggest driver is mobile money through services like EcoCash and Telecash. This seems to point to the opportunity in e-commerce as Zimbabweans now have faith in online transactions and digital payments.

There’s a DEMO Africa event in Zim next month. What can entrepreneurs expect?

This year DEMO Africa will be hosting an entrepreneurs’ event on the 24th of June in Harare as part of an African Tour. There will be one startup selected to launch its product in Lagos, Nigeria at the DEMO Africa Conference. Applications for DEMO Africa are still open though, with the deadline pushed to 30 June 2015.

Here’s how, an African internet startup has just raised $1,2 million a Nigerian internet startup has just secured $1.2 million in funding. In the context of African tech entrepreneurship, that is a significant sum. How did they do it though? We managed to get some insight from the CEO on what they have managed to do right so far.

Vimpelcom out and MTN in? Another multinational operator eyes Zim market

Oh boy, here we go again. Here’s how the story is being told. MTN wants a slice Zimbabwean telecoms and it’s been sniffing around for potential investment opportunities that could lead to it acquiring an interest within our borders. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve heard it before. A new report in the Financial Gazette has […]

Emerging Ideas & Telecel collaborating on Pitch Night and startup initiatives

A lot has changed since Emerging Ideas hosted its first Pitch Night in 2013. Through organic growth and a consistent delivery on its promise to provide entrepreneurs with a platform for honest feedback and building relationships, the monthly event has expanded its audiences. One big change has been the establishment of a relationship between Emerging Ideas and local […]

Hypercube Hub to host entrepreneurship workshops with US based mentors

Last year a handful of Zambian and Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and upcoming business leaders were selected for the Professional Fellows Program which was a five-week fellowship in the United States. Now, as part of an exchange programme for the same fellowship, a cohort of 8 US-based entrepreneurs that are mentors for this programme will be visiting […]

Hypercube Hub now offering paid membership & working space for startups

Earlier today local tech hub and co-working space, Hypercube Hub sent out its first communication for the year to the tech community. Besides the list of the events that the hub has got lined up for the month of February, it also highlighted the new membership options that are available for individuals and startup teams. Since it […]

Muzinda Hub and its army of 1,000 Zimbabwean techies and entrepreneurs

What will it take to start a digital entrepreneurship revolution in Zimbabwe? The pieces of the puzzle all seem to be lying on the table, but we still haven’t had that boom of local technology centred entrepreneurship. When you look at rising internet access, the adoption of crucial enablers like e-commerce, free access to online tools […]

Podcast: Econet Premium, Telecel e-Juice and MNOs’ relationships with startups

Here’s our regular review of trending topics in technology for the Zimbabwean and African space. In this episode we touch on the new Econet Premium Suite, Telecel’s e-Juice system, the NIDC project being pioneered by Dream Big, African MNOs that are now investing in their local startup ecosystems and the Hour of Code in Zimbabwe. […]

Come and meet Erik Hersman, the man behind BRCK and co-founder of iHub

When it comes to African tech entrepreneurship there’s always a lot that is said about the Kenyan ecosystem and all that’s come from it. In a lot of these discussions names like iHub, M-PESA or Ushahidi usually come up as familiar references to the East African technology space. We have an opportunity to find out more […]

Techzim Podcast: Interview with Mazwi – Could it be Zimbabwe’s Amazon?

The last time we wrote about local startup Mazwi, they were clearing misconceptions around EcoSchool’s alleged “theft” of their concept. They went to great lengths to explain how they had a different model from what Econet was driving at. Months later, we managed to catch up with Tafadzwa Makura, the founder of Mazwi to find […]

Safaricom now has a venture fund: Will local operators do the same?

The biggest news in East African tech entrepreneurship this past week has to be about the new venture fund that Safaricom launched a few days ago, aimed at encouraging the development of tech solutions and mobile application development. It’s hardly surprising that Safaricom is the network operator to do this. It’s involvement in the tech startup […]

Why our startup ecosystem needs the government: lessons from Ampion Venture Bus

Between the 7th and the 12th of November several tech entrepreneurs with different skills trooped across 4 Southern African countries on a bus with the sole objective of birthing tech startups and exploring the startup environment in the region. They also had the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Africacom 2014 in Cape Town South Africa with […]

A look at the 5 finalists as Startup Weekend Harare enters second day

The Startup Weekend Harare which started last night has continued into its second today with the five startup teams that were shortlisted working on their different concepts in preparation for tomorrow’s finals. Throughout the day the teams have been involved in different stages of idea and concept improvement, with all the teams assigning different representatives […]

5 startup ideas shortlisted on the first night of Startup Weekend Harare

The second edition of the Startup Weekend Harare started off tonight at Hypercube Hub with several ideas being pitched by the aspiring tech entrepreneurs keen on validating their solutions. The night was started by a talk from saisai cofounder and startup entrepreneur Takunda Chingonzo who shared his own experiences in forming a tech startup. This […]

The reason why most startups fail

So now you have quit your job and finally gotten around to actually starting your dream startup. Maybe it’s that irresistible website, the app that is going to be the next big thing or whatever million dollar idea that has been brewing in your mind for a while. You have gathered up enough courage and […]

Entrepreneurs’ mind fuel: 5 must-reads for tech startups

Entrepreneurs always have a huge appetite for success which is fueled by different thoughts, beliefs and circumstances. Tech startups, or rather, the people behind them are no different. To stoke this drive and ambition, it’s always good to pick the minds of others who have walked the entrepreneurial journey and look beyond your immediate environment. […]

TEDxHarare 2014 : Some of the important lessons for startups

Last Saturday, Zimbabwe took part in the global TED movement once again as we witnessed TEDxHarare 2014 which was held at local tech hub Hypercube Hub. Several perspectives on a proactive Zimbabwean thought process were raised through very inspiring talks and insights shared by the different speakers that took to the stage. While there were […]